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Kenneth J. Gaipa, LCSW, LAC, MAC

Director of Peer I, Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS)


Ken Gaipa, LCSW, LAC MAC

Senior Instructor


I am currently the Chair of the Addiction Counselor Advisory Committee with DORA-Department of Regulatory Agencies. I have served in this capacity for the past ten years. I have also served on the executive board with members of the Colorado Community Correction Coalition. The mission of the Coalition is to provide an opportunity for community corrections professionals to collaborate and learn from each other. By sharing our expertise we strive to support our members in their efforts to serve their communities by enhancing public safety and delivering effective correctional and drug treatment services for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. We work closely with policy makers and the criminal justice system to maintain quality programs and encourage the expansion of community corrections as a viable alternative to incarceration.



As the Director of Peer I, I have been involved in on-going training in all areas of drug addiction and recovery for the sixteen years I have served as program director. I have provided in-house trainings as well as community based venues for program staff, medical students, community agencies, local businesses as well as academic settings that provide degree programs for individuals interested in criminal justice and drug treatment career paths.



Director – Peer I Residential and Outpatient Therapeutic Community – Senior Instructor in Psychiatry

Oversight includes responsibility for all operational administrative and clinical activities associated with operating Peer 1’s residential and non-residential treatment facilities. Peer 1 Therapeutic Community is a 126 bed residential facility for adult males with chronic substance dependence and related severe criminal histories.  Peer I non-residential provides after care services for therapeutic community clients transitioning to community living, serving on average 160 clients at a time. Oversight includes human resource responsibility for approximately 54 paraprofessional staff in a twenty four hour, seven day a week residential and outpatient environment.