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Selected Research Projects

Advancing technologies in patient care and quality of life for persons living with pain and disabling disease is a driving force for our research in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Engaging in clinical trials and investigator initiated research provides opportunities for new therapies to be developed. Here are a few of our innovative projects.

Early NMES to Improve Quadriceps Muscle Function After Total Knee ArthroplastyLearn More

Epidural Steroid Injection versus Epidural Steroid Injection and Manual Physical Therapy and Exercise in the Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: a Randomized Clinical TrialLearn More

Exercise, Physical Function, and Parkinson's DiseaseLearn More

Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance Tracking and Research NetworkLearn More

Coalition for Recovery and Innovation in Traumatic Brain Injury Care Across the Lifespan (CRITICAL) - Learn More

Yoga-Based Treatment for Veterans with mTBI and Post-Concussive Headaches - Learn More