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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Research Labs and Clinical Sites

Our research has led to important clinical applications and a broad range of treatment therapies to improve the lives of persons living with disability and disease.

This commitment to research also enables faculty to educate new physicians and to mentor students while advancing the science of physical medicine and rehabilitation through daily operations.

Amputee Program

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Applied Neuromuscular Physiology Lab

The dual mission of the lab is to investigate mechanisms underlying the neuromuscular response to psychosocial stress and pain, and to apply this knowledge to the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disease.

Learn more about the Applied Neuromuscular Physiology Lab

Assistive Technology Partners

Assistive Technology Partners provides a unique integration of capabilities and services for persons with disabilities and associated professional affiliations. The mission at Assistive Technology Partners is for persons with cognitive, sensory, and/or physical disabilities to reach their highest potential at home, school, work and play through the addition of appropriate assistive technologies to their lives.

Learn more about Assistive Technology Partners

Center for Gait and Movement Analysis

The CGMA combines state-of-the-art computer and video technology with a highly trained multi-disciplinary team to provide comprehensive gait and movement analysis for patients with neuromuscular disorders. The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis, located at The Children’s Hospital, is available to University of Colorado Hospital patients.

Learn more about the Center for Gait and Movement Analysis

Clinical Sites

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation combines comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services with treamtent therapies developed through research for infants, children and adults with acute, sub-acute or chronic illnesses of the nervous, muscular or skeletal systems. Research studies are conducted at individual sites and labs.

Learn more about our clinical sites

Craig Hospital

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Gersten Education and Research Office

Named after our former Department Chair Jerome W. Gersten, MD, the Gersten Education and Research Office is space dedicated to:

    • Development of new researchers and their research
    • Ongoing research projects for faculty and staff
    • Collaboration between exisiting primary investigators, research staff, residents, fellows, and students.

Learn more about the Gersten Education and Research Office

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Laboratory provides a venue to quantify performance of many typical daily functional tasks and activities.

Learn more about the Human Performance Lab

Interdisciplinary Movement Sciences Lab

The Interdisciplinary Movement Sciences Lab (IMSL) is a lab dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of movement sciences.

The lab is a joint venture funded by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabiliutation, Department of Orthopaedics, and the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Movement Sciences Lab

Interdisciplinary Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Lab

The UCD Interdisciplinary TMS Laboratory is dedicated to improving our understanding of diseases affecting the central nervous system and developing treatments for these conditions.

Learn more about the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation lab

Muscle Performance Lab

The Muscle Performance Laboratory aims to understand the causes of lower extremity muscle weakness that impairs function after total knee arthroplasty and to improve functional outcomes after total knee arthroplasty.

Learn more about the Muscle Performance Lab

Musculoskeletal Institute at The Children’s Hospital

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Rehabilitation Psychology Program

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Spine Center

The Spine Center at the University of Colorado Hospital specializes in treating people with lower back and neck pain using proven therapies and cutting-edge technology.

Visit the Spine Center website

Sports Medicine

The CU Sports Medicine team provides state-of-the-art care for a full range of sports injuries. We specialize in results-oriented programs to improve athletic performance, "getting you back in the game" whether you're a competitive or recreational athlete.

Visit the CU Sports Medicine website

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