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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Jerry Clayton, PhD

Instructor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Phone: 720-777-8842
Fax: 720-777-7297

The Children's Hospital



Current support
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  (U50/CCU822319-03)
MD Starnet: Survey and tracking of Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy and other single gene disorders
Role: collaborator

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
The Colorado Spina Bifida Patient Registry Demonstration Project (1U01DD000385-01)
Role: Co-Investigator

SMA foundation
BforSMA Biomarker study
Role: Co-Investigator

Completed Research Support
The Children’s Hospital Research Institute;  Denver, Colorado
Apolipoprotein E: A Major Predictor of Outcome in Pediatric Neurotrauma
Study to determine the role that Apolipoprotein E plays in pediatric traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.
Role: PI
11/1/02- 10/31-05

The Pediatric General Clinical Research Center, The  Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado
(NIH, NCRR MO1 RR00069-40; PI:  Richard D. Krugman, Program Director:  Ronald J. Sokol)
Subcontract grant award for:
A Pilot Study to Determine the Influence of the Apolipoprotein E Gene on Outcomes in Pediatric Neurotrauma
Study to determine the role that Apolipoprotein E plays in pediatric traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.
Role: PI

R01 NF40109-03  PI-Roderic L. Smith
Developmental Epilepsy and Conditional GABA Function
Study focused on the role that chloride homeostasis plays in regulation of GABAA function in the adult and developing nervous system.
Role: Senior Research Scientist/ Co-PI

Peer reviewed publications:

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Book Chapters & Texts:

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Doctorate: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Fellowship: Developmental and Molecular Neuroscience Dept. of Pediatric Neurology, Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center