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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Michael Blei, MD

Michael Blei, MD

Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

   Rehabilitation Services, Denver Health Medical Center


   Phone:  303-436-7486
   Fax:      303-436-7380

   Denver Health Medical Center

Board Certifications
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Peripheral Nerve Injury, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine


Skeletal muscle energetics and performance


“Muscle Energetics Set Steady-State Function”
NIH NIAMS K11 Physician Scientist Award (PI) 1993-1998  $400,000
No cost extension  1998-2001

“Quantitative Energetic Stress Test” 1991-1993 $8,000
University of Colorado,
Biomedical Research Grant Program (PI)

“Diagnosis of Human Muscle Metabolism  1992-1997 $2,600,000
and Function”
Martin J. Kushmerick, M.D., Ph.D. (PI),
University of Washington
Michael L. Blei, M.D. (Consultant)


Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Residency: University of Utah

Fellowship: University of Washington

Peer Reviewed Articles

Conley, K.E., M.L. Blei, T.L. Richards, M.J. Kushmerick, and S.A. Jubrias. Activation of Glycolysis in Human Muscle in vivo.  Am J Physiol:  Cell Physiol., 273 (Cell Physiol. 42): C306-C315, 1997.

Blei, M.L., K.E. Conley, and M.J. Kushmerick. Individual Variation in Contractile and Recovery in a Human Skeletal Muscle. PNAS, Vol. 90, pp. 7396-7400, August 1993.            

Blei, M.L., K.E. Conley, and M.J. Kushmerick, Separate Measures of Phosphocreatine Utilization and Recovery in Human Skeletal Muscle. Journal of Physiology, 465, pp. 203-222, 1992.

Books, Invited Manuscripts, Chapters

Blei, M.L., A. Fall, and M.J. Kushmerick, Energy Balance for Muscle Function:  Principles of Bioenergetics, pp. 3-22 W. Frontera, Editor. 1999, Human Kinetics, USA.

Blei, M.L., K.E. Conley, and M.J. Kushmerick, Normal Range of ATPase and ATP Synthesis Rates of Human Skeletal Muscle Determined Noninvasively by a Quantitative Energetic Stress Test.   Neuromuscular Fatigue, in Neuromuscular Fatigue, pp. 203-4, D. Kernell and A. J. Sargeant, Editor. 1993.  Elsevier Science, Amsterdam.


Blei, M.L., et al.  Basal Metabolic Rates of Human Skeletal Muscle. Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting.  February, 1997.  Colorado Springs, CO.  in American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, vol. 76, number 2, p. 173, 1997.

Blei, M.L. and R. Jones. Monoexponential Recovery Estimators.  Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy of Muscle sponsored by Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, June 29-July1, 1994.  Poster Presentation NOS #14, 1994. University of Liverpool, England, 1994.

Conley, K.E., et al. Metabolic Recovery from Exercise:  Flow and Diffusion Limitations..  FASEB Experimental Biology 94, Poster Presentation. April 24-28, 1994.  Poster Presentation #1663, Anaheim, California, in FASEB Journal, vol.8, p. A288, 1994.                                                           

Odderson, I.R., et al. 31P MRS Assessment of Variations in Forearm Muscle Energetics.  54th Annual Assembly of the American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. November 13-17, 1992.  Poster Presentation.   San Francisco, California.  Archives of PM&R, vol. 73,  #10, Oct. 1992.

Conley, K.E., et al. ATP Synthesis Rates and Oxidative Capacity:  Variation in Normal Human Forearm Muscle.  Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Meeting.  August 8-14, 1992.  Poster Presentation.  Berlin, Germany. 1992.                  

Blei, M.L., et al. Individual Variation in ATP Utilization Rates in Normal Human Forearm Muscle.  Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Meeting.  August 8-14, 1992.  Poster Presentation.  Berlin, Germany.  1992.           

Blei, M.L., et al. Evaluation of Adenosine Triphosphate Resynthesis Capacity in Human Skeletal Muscle.  AAEM 38th Annual Scientific Meeting.  9/25-28, 1991. Vancouver, British Columbia, in Muscle and Nerve, vol.14, #9, p. 916, September 1991.

Blei, M.L., et al. Pattern of Normal Human Muscle Energetics Utilizing a New Quantitative Exercise Stress Test (QUEST) Protocol. in Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Meeting. August 10-16, 1991.  Oral Presentation, p. 110. San Francisco, California, 1991.                  

Gooch, J., J. Petajan, and M.L. Blei. Evaluation of the Effects of Isometric Fatigue on Motor Unit Recruitment.  AAEE 35th Annual Scientific Meeting. ( Presentation Only) October 7-8, 1988. San Diego, California, September, 1988.