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CU PM&R Grand Rounds

Archived Video of Grand Rounds


 Archived Grand Rounds


Gait & Motion Analysis by Dennis Matthews, MD and Frank Chang, MD

7 June 2017

Effects of Steroids on Scoliosis in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

3 May 2017

Leadership in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation presented by Joel DeLisa MD, MS

5 April 2017

The Essential Role of Psychology in the Treatment of Chronic Pain by Emily McCann, PhD

1 March 2017

Interaction Between Segments Role of the Hip in Lumbar Pain and its Implication for Exercise Therapy by Heidi Prather, DO

4 January 2017

PM&R Grand Ronds Paralympic Sport and Classification
with Kyle Nagle, MD MPH

7 December 2016

Battlefield to Ball Field The Science, Myth and Reality of Concussion
Dr. David X. Cifu

2 November 2016

Physician Heal Thyself-The Importance of Nurturing Physician Resilience
Dr. Deborah Saint-Phard

5 October 2016

Rehab and Mobility
Kyle Ridgeway, PT, DPT

7 September 2016