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Educaiton and Training in PM&R Disciplines

Education and Training

Residency and Fellowship Programs, Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program, and Medical Student Rotations

Residency Training Programs
Fellowship Training Programs

Housed within our department are two distinct fellowship traing programs, Pain Medicine and Pediatric Rehabilitation.

The Pain Medicine Fellowship, a joint program with the Department of Anesthesiology, houses two fellows per academic year. The fellowship is designed to provide a comprehensive education in acute, chronic and cancer pain medicine and promote the training of academic musculoskelatal physiatrists through mentorship, research, and clinical care.

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship offers one-year and two-year fellowship programs. This fellowship is designed to develop advanced skills in the diagnosis and treatment of children with disabilities. The clinical and didactic experiences are intended to expand their knowledge of disabling pediatric conditions, including cerebral palsy, neural tube defects, neuromuscular disease, pediatric traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, pediatric encephalopathies, inherited disorders, congenital and acquired amputations.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy
PhD in Clinical Sciences
Medical Student Rotations