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The lending policy for equipment if based off of a 30-day notice.  Once a users asks to rent an instrument, the current holder (if one exists) is informed to return the items in 30 days or less.

Please contact us if you would like to rent any of the following: 

Electronics ​Manufacturer ​Part Number
Digital Delay / Pulse Generator ​​Stanford Research Systems ​DG535
4052 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator* ​BK Precision* ​4052*
Optical Power Meter, Handheld* ​ThorLabs* ​PM20A*
Light Sources ​Manufacturer ​Part Number
​473nm, 60mW Laser, Shutter - FC Coupling* ​Cobolt* ​04-01 Blues*
​561nm, 50mW Laser, Shutter - FC Coupling* ​Cobolt* ​04-01 Jive*
​473nm, 50mW Laser System - FC Coupling* ​SLOC* ​BL473T3-050FC*
​594nm, 2mW Laser, Shutter - FC Coupling ​Mellis Griot ​LHYR-0200M
​470nm, 10mW Fiber-coupled LED  ​Thorlabs ​M470F1
 Indicates the equipment is currently being rented