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Department of Physiology and Biophysics

University of Colorado Department of Physiology and Biophysics

 Physiology and Biophysics Technical Support

Computer Emergencies: (Computer Crash or Computer Will Not Boot)

1)If your computer is not booting at all, there are few possible reasons. Computers need 3 things in order to operate correctly. Power, Cooling, and a Operating System. Check all three of these items and then contact Michael Elmore if problem still persists.

2) Computer Crash: If it is a Monday, Tuesday morning, or Wednesday, then email or call Michael right now.

3) If it is another day of the week, then power down your computer, unplug it from the internet (Ethernet cable on back of computer). Power it on and plug in a USB Harddrive or Thumbdrive that is big enough to hold the files you wish to backup incase of a total harddrive failure. After the backup is complete, power down the computer; plug the Ethernet cable back in to your computer and then call campus IT. Explain the situation and see if they have any other requirements for you. Then fill out this form so Michael has record of it.