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Roderick MacKinnon

The 1998 A.R. Martin Lecturer


Department of Physiology and Biophysics University of Colorado Medical School

Minisymposium and Reception

Four graduate students and postdocs presented their work at a Minisymposium. Pictured are (left to right):
Dr. Thomas Rich, Postdoctoral Fellow ("Development of a novel sensor for cyclic AMP: what have we learned thus far?")
Dr. Teresa Nick, Postdoctoral Fellow ("Regulation of electrical excitability in Xenopus motor neurons")
Dr. MacKinnon
Teri Whisenand, Predoctoral Fellow ("The effects of negatively-charged sugars on the function of voltage-gated sodium channels")
Dr. Amanda Cochilla, Postdoctoral Fellow ("Dopamine regulates release of dense cores from neuroendocrine cells")