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Jennifer Whitesell

Neuroscience graduate student - Nathan Schoppa's lab

Research project in the lab

Phone: (303) 724-4524
Room: P18-7403G


  • Hirs Fellowship merit award, University of Colorado Denver (2007 2011)
  • Lowell E. Hokin Scholarship in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University ofWisconsin-Madison (2007, declined)
  • Frank X. Gassner Award for outstanding performance in undergraduate research,Colorado State University (2003)
  • Beckman Scholars Award, The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, Irvine, CA(2002 2003)
  • Pfizer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Biochemistry, Pfizer Inc​., Groton, CT(2002)
  • University Scholars Award, College of Natural Sciences, Colorado State University(2002 2003)
  • Golden Key International Honour Society (2003)
  • Pinnacle National Honor Society (2003)


  • Gire, DH, Franks, KM, Tanaka K, Whitesell, JD, Mulligan, A, Hen, R, and Schoppa, NE. "Feed-forward signaling from the periphery onto olfactory bulb mitral cells." Submitted
  • Davis TL, Cantlon JD, Whitesell JD, Clay CM, Nett TM. Does a plasma membrane site of action underlie estradiol activation of gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor expression in ovine pituitary cells? Submitted
  • Bedoukian MA, Whitesell JD, Peterson EJ, Clay CM, Partin KM. The stargazin C terminus encodes an intrinsic and transferable membrane sorting signal. (2008) J Biol Chem Jan 18;283(3):1597-600.
  • O'Connell KM, Whitesell JD, Tamkun MM. Localization and mobility of the delayed-rectifier K+ channel Kv2.1 in adult cardiomyocytes. (2008) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. Jan;294(1):H229-37.
  • Navratil AM, Knoll JG, Whitesell JD, Tobet SA, Clay CM. Neuroendocrine plasticity in the anterior pituitary: gonadotropin-releasing hormone-mediated movement in vitro and in vivo. (2007) Endocrinology. 2007 Apr;148(4):1736-44.
  • O'Connell KM, Rolig AS, Whitesell JD, Tamkun MM. Kv2.1 potassium channels are retained within dynamic cell surface microdomains that are defined by a perimeter fence. (2006) J Neurosci. Sep 20;26(38):9609-18.

Review Articles

  • Restrepo D, Doucette W, Whitesell JD, McTavish TS, Salcedo E. From the top down: flexible reading of a fragmented odor map. (2009) Trends Neurosci. Oct;32(10):525-31.
  • Restrepo D, Whitesell J, Doucette W. Need for related multipronged approaches to understand olfactory bulb signal processing. (2009) Ann N Y Acad Sci. Jul;1170:298-305.

Grant Awards

  • NIH NIDCD Predoctoral NRSA1F31DC011202-01Mechanisms of inter-glomerular processing in the olfactory bulb(01/2011 - 03/2010)
  • NIH NINDS Predoctoral Training Grant 5T32NS007083-28 Advanced Training inBasic Neuroscience, University of Colorado Denver (01/2010 12/2010)
  • NIH NIDCD Predoctoral Training GrantNeuroscience program, University ofColorado Denver (2007 2009)