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Joshua St. Clair

Physiology Graduate Student in Cathy Proenza's Lab

2008 – Bachelors of Science (Physiology & Neurobiology) University of Connecticut
2014 – Doctor of Philosophy (Physiology) – University of Colorado

5/2008 – 8/2009 Lab Technician, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
8/2009 – 9/2014 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
9/2014 – present Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
 My broad research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac pacemaking. Specifically, my work was focused on determining signaling mechanisms between beta-adrenergic receptors and pacemaking currents in sinoatrial myocytes. More recently I have been working to understand cardiac pacemaker dysfunction in a model of diabetic hyperglycemia. To pursue these interests, I use whole-animal and single-cell electrophysiological and pharmacological techniques.
Larson ED, St Clair JR, Sumner WA, Bannister RA, Proenza C. Depressed pacemaker activity of sinoatrial node myocytes contributes to the age-dependent decline in maximum heart rate. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2013 Oct 15.
*Article highlighted in the New York Times Science section
*Article highlighted in a Press Release from the University of Colorado

St Clair JR, Liao Z, Larson ED, Proenza C. PKA-independent activation of If by cAMP in mouse sinoatrial myocytes. Channels (Austin). 2013 Jun 11;7(4).

Liao Z, Lockhead D, St Clair JR, Larson ED, Wilson CE, Proenza C. Cellular context and multiple channel domains determine cAMP sensitivity of HCN4 channels: Ligand-independent relief of autoinhibition in HCN4. J Gen Physiol. 2012 Nov;140(5):557-66.

Liao Z, St Clair JR, Larson ED, Proenza C. Myristoylated peptides potentiate the funny current (If) in sinoatrial myocytes. Channels (Austin). 2011 Mar 1;5(2).

Conference Abstracts:
International Society for Heart Research – Philadelphia, PA – May 2011
Poster Presentation: “Phosphodiesterases 3 & 4 Shape cAMP Signaling from Beta-Adrenergic Receptors to HCN4 Channels in Mouse Sinoatrial Myocytes”

Front Range Neuroscience Group Annual Meeting – Fort Collins, CO – November 2011
Poster Presentation: “Phosphodiesterases Form a cAMP “Shield” to Regulate the Funny Current, If, in Mouse Sinoatrial Myocytes”

Gordon Research Conference & Seminar: Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms – New London, NH – June 2012
Poster Presentation: “Spatial and Temporal Regulation of HCN Channels in Primary Adult Sinoatrial Myocyte Culture”

International Society for Heart Research: World Congress – San Diego, CA – July 2013
Poster Presentation: “The development of a novel co-culture system to test the neuromuscular synapse between sympathetic neurons and sinoatrial myocytes.

A.R. Martin Lectureship – Aurora, CO – May 2014.
Oral Presentation: Diabetes slows heart rate by altering repolarization in pacemaker myocytes of the sinoatrial node.
Best Student Talk Award – University of Colorado Neuroscience & Physiology Program Meeting – Estes Park, CO – November 2012

Hirs Travel Award Recipient – University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Awarded by Dean of the Graduate School – May 2013