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Infant and Child Feeding

​Our faculty has broad research interests on infant and child feeding, including the role of prenatal maternal influences, breastfeeding, and complementary feeding on infant growth and body composition, as well as development of children’s eating behaviors and food preferences. Faculty currently conducting infant and child feeding related research include:

Nancy Krebs, MD, MS
​Influence of maternal phenotype on bioactive components of human milk, infant growth and body composition, and development of infant microbiome; breastfeeding & infant feeding from birth through the complementary feeding period

Richard Boles, PhD

​Feeding & eating behavior evaluation & therapy

​Susan L. Johnson, PhD

Evaluation and intervention to prevent early childhood obesity through feeding and physical activity

Minghua Tang, Phd

​Obesity treatment and prevention through dietary interventions and effects of the gut microbiome on body weight and health status
Darcy Thompson, MD, MPH
​Identification of modifiable family and individual factors contributing to development of obesity in preschool-aged children, with focus on minority populations and media use