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Nutrition Fellows

​Stephanie Gilley, MD, PhD
Clinical Fellowship:  July 2019 - present
Nutrition Postdoctoral Fellowship:  August 2018 - June 2019
Mentors:  Sarah Borengasser, PhD, and Nancy Krebs, MD, MS
Research Topic: Impact of maternal nutrition status and 1-carbon metabolism on infant DNA methylation and growth outcomes.
​Jayne Martin Carli, PhD
Nutrition T32 Fellowship:  July 2018 - present
Mentors Jacob Friedman, PhD yr 1; Jim McManaman, PhD, yr 2
Research Topic:  Molecular effects of maternal obesity and diabetes during and after pregnancy on lactation outcomes and infant adiposity.
​Sarah Purcell, PhD

Nutrition T32 Fellowship:  July 2019 - present
Mentor:  Marc Cornier, MD and Edward Melanson, PhD
Research TopicInvestigating the impact of resistance and aerobic exercise on appetite, non-exercise activity, energy metabolism and body composition among individuals with obesity or previous cancer

​Martine Saint-Cyr, MD

Nutrition T32 Fellowship:  July 2019 - present
Clinical Fellowship:  July 2018 - June 2019
Mentors:  Nancy F. Krebs, MD, and Edwin DeZoeten, PhD
Research Topic:  Investigating the interactions between dietary nutrients and intestinal immunity in the pathogenesis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.


​Aimee Sutliff, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellowship:  March 2019 - present
Mentors:  Nancy F. Krebs, MD, Nichole Reisdorph, PhD
Research TopicI am using untargeted metabolomics to identify food-specific molecular signatures of common Mediterranean diet foods to identify potential biomarkers that may then be correlated with improved health indicators.


Past Nutrition T32 Fellows