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National Jewish Health - Research

National Jewish and Children's Hospital Colorado faculty members participate in both clinical and basic research programs. Despite the current funding climate, the number of grants has increased from the NIH, the EPA, other federal agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry. Faculty members have played major roles in NIH-funded multicenter studies evaluating asthma and eczema therapies. The major programs in asthma, inflammation, signal transduction, and psychosocial problems in chronic illness have been very successful at National Jewish. For thirteen consecutive years, National Jewish has been ranked the #1 respiratory hospital in America by U.S. News & World Report.

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Faculty are active in a wide range of research areas. Dr. F. Dan Atkins' primary interest is in food allergies and gastrointestinal eosinophilic disorders. Dr. Donna Bratton is investigating the interactions between lipid mediators and eosinophil and neutrophil survival and trafficking. Dr. Mark Boguniewicz researches atopic dermatitis and immunomodulatory therapy and early intervention in the atopic march. Dr. Ronina Covar has been identifying the links between the origins of asthma and asthma progression. Dr. Azzeddine Dakhama's research explores the role of respiratory syncytial virus in post-bronchiolitis wheezing and asthma and the role of neuropeptides in airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness. Dr. Erwin Gelfand's primary research interests center on allergic airway inflammation and immunodeficiency. Dr. Pia Hauk is defining the contributions of bacterial cell products to asthma. Dr. Richard Johnston, Jr. researches the cell biology of phagocytic cells and immunodeficiency disease. Dr. Donald Leung investigates the immune mechanisms of allergic diseases, particularly atopic dermatitis and severe asthma. Dr. Henry Milgrom's research interests involve the therapy of asthma and patient adherence to therapy. Dr. David Nichols is studying lung allergic inflammation and cystic fibrosis. Dr. Tod Olin is focusing on exercise-induced dyspnea. Dr. Nathan Rabinovitch's research is in environmental triggers of asthma.