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Nephrology Faculty at The Children's Hospital

Welcome to Nephrology

The Department of Pediatrics Section of Nephrology operates The Kidney Center at Children's Hospital Colorado, providing complete renal care to the children of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Please explore our Web site for more information.

Children are referred and followed for a multitude of renal maladies, ranging from the mild and transient to complete kidney failure requiring dialysis and kidney transplantation. LEARN MORE »

We offer a variety of educational opportunities for medical students, pediatric residents, and child health associate students. LEARN MORE »

Faculty research interests encompass a broad range of basic science and clinical topics in pediatric nephrology. 


  • The Pediatric Kidney Injury and Disease Stewardship Program, (and its co-leaders Katja Gist, DO, Danielle Soranno, MD, and Timothy Stidham, MD), received the Quality and Patient Safety Award for outstanding contributions to organizational performance improvement, patient safety and/or clinical outcomes from Children's Hospital Colorado​.

  • Our Section has provided renal service for more than 30 years and has extensive experience in the treatment of kidney and related diseases and renal replacement therapy -- both hospital-based outpatient hemodialysis and an equally proficient and unparalleled home-based peritoneal dialysis program.

  • Renal transplant outcomes continue to improve, and the transplant program has seen a consistent number of successful transplants being performed annually.