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Genetics and Metabolism - Clinical Services


Inpatient Services
The Genetics and Metabolism Section provides consultative inpatient services at Children's Hospital Colorado and affiliated hospitals, as well as regional outreach programs in genetics in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.


Clinics organized and staffed by this Section include the Genetics & Inherited Metabolic Diseases at Children's Hospital Colorado, the Neurocutaneous Clinic and Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMD) Clinic.

The Section also participates in specialty clinics in neuromuscular disorders, tuberous sclerosis, skeletal dysplasia, growth, ophthalmology, cleft lip and palate, spina bifida, autism, as well as the Bill Daniels Center for Hearing.


Lab Services
Clinical laboratory services are available in diagnostic cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and biochemical genetics.

Clinical Faculty
Genetics Faculty (015) 11-2013.jpg

Back row, left to right: Curtis Couglin, Cindy Freehauf, David Manchester, Janet Thomas

Front row, left to right: Peter Baker, Gary Bellus, Carol Walton, Laurie Bernstein

Missing: James Weisfeld-Adams, Ellen Elias, Renata Gallagher, Naomi Meeks, Margarita Saenz, Johan Van Hove

Biochemical Genetics Lab
Biochemical Lab (026) 2013.jpg

Front Row, left to right: Leah Venturoni, Marissa Hawkins, Lisa Schlichting

Back Row, left to right:  Michael Woontner, Robert Binard, Stephen Goodman, Cheryl Peck

 Molecular Genetics Lab

Front Row, left to right: Yong Shi, Leroy Montano, Elaine Spector, Geralyn Creandon-Swindel 

Back Row, left to right:  Catherine Wren, Steven Sperber, Samantha Reno, Haixue Gan

Missing:  Daniela Harstern, Naomi Meeks, Kathryn Kronquist

Mitochondrial Lab

Genetics Mito group (044) 2013.jpg

Left to right: Michael Swanson, Johan Van Hove, Marisa Freidrich