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General Academic Pediatrics  Faculty at The Children's Hospital

Welcome to General Academic Pediatrics

The Section of General Academic Pediatrics has a long and distinguished record in improving the lives of Colorado's children through clinical care, community service, and advocacy activities. We currently have 30 full-time pediatric faculty members and 30 faculty members located at Denver Health system locations.

Clinical Services 

We provide primary care, inpatient care, and teaching at Children's Hospital Colorado  and newborn care in the nursery at University of Colorado HospitalMORE »


Our educational activities include experiences for fellows, pediatric and family medicine residents, physician assistant interns, and medical students. MORE »


Our research continues to expand with the addition of new faculty and increased federal funding. Immunization delivery and health services research are major foci. MORE »


  • Dr. O'Leary was awarded the 2014 SOUPer Hero Award by the Colorado Children's Coalition.
  • Dr. Rustici presented the President's Excellence in Teaching Awards for the CU School of Medicine Spring Commencement.
  • Dr. Wells was given the Professional Award by the Kempe Foundation.
  • Dr. Amer recently authored a book "Intimate Strangers, Stories from a Lifetime of Praticing Mediicne".
  • Dr. Lockspeiser has been announced as the 2014 winner of the Ray E. Helfer Award from the Academic Pediatric Association. She has also been awarded the Golden Stethoscope Best Pediatric Preceptor Award by the CU School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Rodrigues received a Golden Stethoscope award from the CU School of Medicine