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Developmental Pediatrics - Clinical Services

The Section of Developmental Pediatrics is comprised of faculty from the Department of Pediatrics at the Unviersity of Colorado and staff at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Our clinical services occur at the Child Development Unit (CDU) at Children's Colorado.

Our clinicians evaluate and manage children with a variety of developmental and neurobehavioral differences. We provide single-specialty evaluations as well as interdisciplinary team evaluations for children with developmental and behavioral concerns from birth through adolescence. Ongoing follow-up is also provided for our patients, as needed. 

The CDU has six developmental and behavioral pediatricians, a pediatric nurse practitioner, seven licensed clinical psychologists, a social worker, and a registered nurse involved in patient care. Other interdisciplinary team members include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and a nutritionist.

We specialize in developmental disorders such as:

  • intellectual disabilities
  • developmental delays
  • autism
  • learning disorders
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • feeding disorders
  • fragile X syndrome
  • XY chromosome disorders

In addition to our single discipline assessment, our interdisciplinary teams include:

  • Infant
  • Infant Toddler Autism Fast Trac
  • Toddler
  • Preschool
  • School-Ages
  • Adolescent Teams

We also have a Sleep Clinic and Toileting Clinic and we provide psychopharmacologic management for children with developmental disabilities and associated behavioral issues.  We have established new clinics in the past two years which serve unique needs in our community.

We were awarded a grant from Autism Speaks to become an Autism Treatment Network (ATN) site in January 2008. We are part of a multisite network of 17 programs dedicated to improving medical care for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We have established collaborations with genetics, neurology, gastroenterology, and sleep medicine in order to provide more integrated care for children with ASD.

The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic addresses the medical, endocrine, developmental, and psychological needs of children and adolescents with X and Y chromosome variations. We are a member of the National Fragile X Foundation’s Fragile X Clinical and Research Consortium. The Fragile X Clinic specializes in treating individuals with Fragile X syndrome.

Our LAUNCH program is a short-term program designed to educate and empower the parents of children recently diagnosed with autism. It includes four seminars focused on providing parents with effective strategies for helping their child while establishing connections for treatment with providers in the community.

We have an ABC Behavioral Management parent education program, to educate parents on the basic principles of behavior management. This also is a four seminar series focused on behavioral strategies that may be used for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We have psychologists who provide treatment using the Early Start Denver Model, which is an evidence-based therapy for young children with autism spectrum disorders.​