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Community Pediatrics - Clinical Services

Colorado Children's Health Care Access Program (a non-profit organization)

A grant-funded program to address and solve all of the barriers that discourage community pediatricians and family physicians from providing primary health care for the 150,000 low-income, underinsured, and minority children in Colorado who are not able to access a regular primary source (medical home). This program develops, sustains, and evaluates the resources and support systems for enabling all Colorado pediatricians and family physicians to devote at least one-tenth of their practice to the health care of these children. Visit the CCHAP website​.

Socio-Cultural Training Program​
Preventive Care Program to Reduce Health Disparities
Pediatric Case-Management Program
Pediatric Locum Tenens Service
Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Program ​
Dimensions of Culture
Medical Direction for Children's Hospital Colorado After-Hours Telephone Care Program