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The DadADvangtage

Organizational Capacity Development Approach

​Our team offers a tailored and holistic approach to your organizational and professional growth and development needs via a comprehensive needs assessment. 

Our goal is to ensure that your organization and staff understand what it will take and what tools and resources will be needed to institute a cultural shift in both policy and practice to engage fathers and paternal relatives when you are working with their children. 

What we offer: 
  1. Review of organizational readiness to implement father engagement practices.
  2. Review of current organizational policies and procedures; examination of current practice; and identification of gaps and opportunities to support father engagement.  
  3. Assessment of organizational climate around fatherhood issues in organizations that serve the needs of children and families; and facilitation of collaborative networking opportunities to build upon needed services and supports.  
  4. Assessment of the physical environment of the organization to determine if it reflects and reinforces the value that fathers are welcome.
  5. A continuum of services that help strengthen skills, competencies and abilities to help organizations and service providers overcome challenges to effective father engagement. [Click here for detailed description]

[Adapted from the National Quality Improvement Center  Non-Resident Fathers Nine Step Development Model found here]



 The Kempe Center staff have developed tried and tested curricula and are experienced in offering state-of-the-art evidenced-informed training and technical assistance services, and engaging the broader community in collaborative efforts to end the cycle of abuse and neglect and promote healthy child well-being through father engagement.
Our trainers have presented or trained on fatherhood in over 15 States across the country. 
“This training was very insightful and thought provoking.  It opened up my eyes as a caseworker and to be mindful of how we as workers engage with our fathers.  Also, it has made me do a self-examination in how I engage fathers and what I can do as a worker to make improvements in my job” – Social Worker Training
“The father’s panel was so helpful…it allowed me to get a glimpse of what it’s like from the father’s perspective” – Social Worker Training
“I was able to identify specific practice changes we need to make in interview questions and performance evaluations to include beliefs and practices to engage absent parents” – Supervisors Training
References Available