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The DadAdvantage

Capacity Development Services

Our trainings combine didactic, small-group, large group, case example, video, simulation, coaching and other effective learning strategies.  Our training team includes experienced practitioners with expertise in child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice, fatherhood, manhood and program implementation.  Given our curriculum design knowledge, we are well positioned to create additional trainings to meet any unique needs that your organization may have.  All curricula and training will attend to adult learning styles.  

For more information about our services, pricing and how we can best meet your needs, please contact Michelle Howard at 

Introductory Father Engagement Trainings (1 to 2 days of trainings)
Introductory trainings provide useful and practical skills germane to multiple levels of staff including direct line staff, supervisors, administrators, and policy makers and reaches across demographics of participants, fathers and families. Specific features include understanding the importance of father involvement to child outcomes; awareness of own biases and presumptions about men and fathers; cultural identity characteristics of manhood and fatherhood; and skill building using gender specific strategies to support a practice shift to engage fathers. Whenever possible the trainers try to incorporate a fathers’ panel to present information about real-life challenges and successes of fathers involved in the system to further illuminate how best to work with and engage them.)
Practice Readiness Trainings (1 to 3 days of training)
Practice readiness trainings focus on advanced application of tools and strategies to embed father engagement within the culture of the organization or agency. Specific features include enhancing supervisory and/or leadership skills and coaching strategies to develop line staff in father engagement practice; understanding the requirements of change; how to monitor practice expectations; and what is needed to institutionalize the change in policy and practice.
Advanced or Specialized Trainings (1 to 2 days or agency designed) – Sample training topics include:
  • Working with mothers
  • Helping women help men
  • The influence of culture and ethnicity on fatherhood and manhood
  • A focus on fathers and the paternal family through family group decision making and other family engagement approaches
  • Fathering when domestic violence is an issue
Presentations, Conferences, & Webinars
The team is equipped to provide keynote addresses, workshops and outreach to support father engagement practice.
The DadAdvantage Webinar Series will bring virtual learning opportunities to organizations across the country.  The series will support the many child and family serving professionals seeking to gain additional knowledge and information on how to strengthen father engagement practice in their agency. 
Check back soon for topics and schedule
Coaching is yet another distinct component of implementation of any initiative. Coaching will enhance the solid application and continued growth of father engagement practice by providing increased opportunities for the transfer of learning to occur amongst practitioners on an ongoing basis. There is greater likelihood of consistency in practice when these direct line staff, supervisors, administrators and community partners receive consistent guidance, technical support, consultation and post training.