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Robin Kimbrough-Melton, JD

Research Professor

Robin Kimbrough-Melton is research professor of community and behavioral health in the Colorado School of Public Health, senior instructor of pediatrics in the University of Colorado School of Medicine and coordinator of policy development and implementation for the Kempe Center.  Kimbrough-Melton also serves as the executive officer of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, a professional membership organization focused on mental health and social justice. 
A former legal counsel in the Nebraska and Maryland legislatures and a staffer at the American Public Human Services Association and the American Bar Association, she has long been an advocate for, and scholar on, reform of child and family service systems, particularly as they affect vulnerable populations such as families of prisoners.   She has consulted extensively with a wide array of state and national organizations and courts on strategies for developing alternatives to traditional court processes, preventing juvenile delinquency, preventing and reducing crime through community capacity-building, and improving community support for children and families.   A concern for the betterment of children and families and a passion for creating structures for building support into everyday life have been at the core of her work.  Prof. Kimbrough-Melton teaches courses on human rights law, health and human rights, and children’s rights.  
Prof. Kimbrough-Melton was the recipient of the 2006 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Child Advocacy (by a non-psychologist) from the American Psychological Association Division of Child, Youth, and Family Services  and the 2005 Award for Distinguished Professional Service from the South Carolina Professional Society on Abuse of Children.
Prof. Kimbrough-Melton received her law degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Southern Methodist University.