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Gail Ryan, MA

Program Director

Gail Ryan MA is a Program Director at the Kempe Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect in Denver, and retired from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in September 2005.  She continues part time as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Dept of Pediatrics and is focusing on dissemination by teaching, writing, and training of trainers. She continues to teach a certificate course on treatment of juveniles who have sexually offended using the 3rd edition of the textbook she first edited in 1991: Juvenile Sexual Offending:  Causes Consequences and Correction. She is now concentrating on training trainers to use the Kempe curriculum she developed: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Perpetration Prevention in Childhood and Adolescence to train others in their own communities, having trained 100’s of trainers in more than 20 states.

Ms Ryan has worked at the Kempe Center since 1975, has worked with abusive parents and abused children, and provided offense specific treatment for 11-17 year old males who had molested children for 20 years, working with Jeffrey Metzner, MD. Her primary interests have been in the correlation between early life experience and dysfunctional behavior with an emphasis on prevention of the development of abusive behaviors in ‘at-risk’ groups. She is Director of the Kempe Perpetration Prevention Program;  Facilitator, National Adolescent Perpetration Network; Facilitated the National Task Force on Juvenile Sexual Offending (1987-1993), and is a Clinical Specialist for the Kempe Center's national resource center. Other publications include:  Childhood Sexuality A guide for parents, and  Web of Meaning: A developmental-contextual approach in sexual abuse treatment..