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About Us

In 2012, the Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect assumed leadership for the National Center on Family Group Decision Making, which has mission to build community capacity to implement high-quality, effective FGDM processes that are philosophically congruent with the central values and beliefs of this approach. The National Center on FGDM's home at the Kempe Center at the University of Colorado School of Medicine is very fitting. Almost forty years ago, in 1976, the Kempe Center's founder, Dr. C. Henry Kempe, promoted the idea that when children are abused or neglected, it is important to work with the entire family.

The Kempe Center opened in 1972 with one vision: to recognize that children were being abused, the threat was real, and we must do something about it. Our current-day mission is to improve the care and well-being of all children by strengthening families, communities, and the systems that serve them. The Kempe Center’s faculty are actively involved in providing clinical care to children and families, advocating for policy advancements for vulnerable populations, conducting research that helps to foster the effective delivery of services and improve outcomes for children, families and systems, and educating a myriad of professionals who work with children and families through training, coaching, technical assistance, and other events.

Since its’ inception in 1999, the National Center on FGDM has been a leader in promoting the integration of FGDM philosophy and processes into system that work with vulnerable children and families. We have supported over 300 communities in the implementation of FGDM, including training and consultation, technical assistance, and coaching and evaluation support. As evidenced by our activities, the National Center on FGDM serves to create links, share resources, and provide various services to broaden knowledge about this way of reorganizing systems to work differently with families. We strive to disseminate this information through this dedicated website on FGDM, and by hosting an annual international conference and webinar series on FGDM and other family engagement approaches.

While the system and practice reform called Family Group Decision Making (or FGDM) has clearly defined core components and best practice guidelines to support its implementation, the growth of family engagement strategies, that are akin to FGDM, have grown significantly worldwide. The National Center’s FGDM team has extensive practice and implementation experience in multiple meeting models and approaches including family group conferences, family team meetings, case planning conferences, family unity meetings and youth conferences, to name a few.  The team has served as supervisors, coordinators, facilitators, training and coaching masters, practitioners, and program implementers in, and evaluators of, FGDM. 

Our team looks forward to supporting your community. Please contact us!