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Adolescent Medicine - Research

The Adolescent Medicine faculty is interested in an array of issues dealing with the major morbidity and mortality of this age group, including health services delivery, violence, sexual health and disease, teenage pregnancy, violence, mental health, and gynecologic disorders.

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Karolyn Kabir's research interests focus on ways to improve the identification and treatment of antenatal and postpartum depression in teen mothers. In addition, Dr. Kabir is working alongside colleagues from the Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program (CAMP) to develop and implement a nurse-centered/group-based model of care for teen mothers and their children. 

Dr. David Kaplan's major priority over the last two years, has been to develop the infrastructure and support for a Hospital Enterprise Data Warehouse to facilitate clinical research. The warehouse will provide the foundation for extracting clinical (and financial) data from Epic. In parallel with this effort, he is working with a number of faculty on establishing a Center for Clinical Informatics within Hospital and an Academic Unit (Division) in the Department of Pediatrics to foster clinical informatics research. Dr. Kaplan plans to continue to collaborate on studies evaluating the impact of the electronic medical record on the quality of care, patient safety, provider efficiency, clinical documentation, patient and provider communication, patient satisfaction and follow-up services.

Dr. Daniel Reirden's clinical interests include diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, care of HIV-infected youth and young adults, transition of healthcare from pediatric to adult providers for youth with complex medical diseases, and the care of LGBT youth and young adults.

Dr. Molly Richards is interested in adolescent family planning and adolescent gynecologic issues. She is currently spending half of her time doing general adolescent medicine and half doing adolescent family planning with the goal of increasing the acceptability and uptake of long acting reversible contraception in adolescents and young women. Dr. Richards is completing her research on adolescent future plans and its influence on their contraceptive decision making. She is also interested in furthering research in adolescent reproductive health including contraceptive acceptability, uptake and HPV vaccination.

Dr. Amy Sass' research interests include pediatric and adolescent gynecology and resident education. She is currently studying a case series of acute genital ulcers of unknown etiology in adolescent women in Colorado. As an Associate Residency Program Director and Teaching Scholar at the School of Medicine, she is developing a longitudinal small group curriculum for the residency including non-clinical topics for professional growth and development.

Dr. Jeanelle Sheeder is interested in adolescent pregnancy, psychosocial and behavioral components of contraceptive use and decision-making, and obesity. Dr. Sheeder developed the Electronic Report on Adolescent Pregnancy (ERAP), which is a clinic management and decision-making tool and interactive database that includes more than 15 years of detailed clinical data on adolescent pregnancy and contraceptive use. She also has developed a group-based model of prenatal, postpartum, and infant care based on the curriculum of the Nurse Family Partnership home visiting program.

Dr. Eric Sigel is currently involved in two research areas. He is developing a research path focused on adolescents and violence, creating a screening tool that will help identify teens in the primary care setting who are at risk for future violence involvement.  Additionally, he is a co-investigator studying the effects of Risperidone in patients with anorexia nervosa.