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BulwithLori (06) 2013.jpg Lori Bulwith, BS, Professional Research Assistant
HansonMartin Gartz (046) 2013.jpg M. Gartz Hanson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Project:  Mouse models of human myopathies and mechanistic studies to reveal therapeutic targets
HarmacekLaura (032) 2013.jpg Laura Harmacek, BS, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Project:  Epigenetic regulation of neural tube closure
PetersenJuliette (040) 2013.jpg Juliette Petersen, BS, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Project:  Gene-enrionment interactions influence on the risk for neural tube defect
RayHeather (072) 2013.jpg Heather Ray, MS, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Project:  Novel mechanisms by which the ectoderm drives neural tube closure revealed by live imaging and genetic studies
WildeJonathan (063) 2013.jpg Jonathan Wilde, BS, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Project:  Epigenetic regulation of neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation
TsaiClaire (014) 2013.jpg Claire Tsai, Laboratory Manager

Feng, W, Choi, I., Clouthier, D., NISWANDER, L. and Trevor Williams, T. (2013). The Ptch1DL mouse: a new model to study lambdoid craniosynosytsosis and basal cell nevus syndrome associated skeletal defects. genesis (in press).

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