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Evaluation of Colorado Works Program

​The Colorado Department of Human Services (DHS) has contracted with the Lewin Group, Inc. and its partners, Colorado WIN Partners/ University of Colorado Denver, the Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Policy Studies, and Capital Research Corporation to perform an in-depth study of the Colorado Works Program. Its aim was to provide administrators with information about program strategies and approaches counties might find useful for improving program implementation, performance, and outcomes. The study began in January 2005 and was designed in active consultation with DHS and an Advisory Committee that includes representative of the counties and Colorado’s advocacy community. The study objective was to identify successful programmatic choices and service delivery strategies used by the counties in order to learn more about what policies and approaches work well. Topics for special analysis with associated final reports included: Program Coordination and Collaboration in the Colorado Works Program; Employment Services and Employer Interaction in Colorado Works Programs; Family and Preventative Services in Colorado; and, Serving the Hard-To-Employ in Colorado.