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Clinical Faculty - Distinguished Clinical Professor

The title Distinguished Clinical Professor is extended to recognize the outstanding contributions of School of Medicine part-time or volunteer faculty members to their academic disciplines. Candidates recommended for this rank must fulfill the requirements for Clinical Professor above and must demonstrate:

  1. Exemplary teaching; and
  2. Distinguished scholarship or creative work.

The very nature of the title “distinguished” implies that there will be a limited number of faculty holding this title. It is intended to signify a select group of clinical faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields, as attested to by national or international recognition and/or their significant public service achievements.

Department of Pediatric Distinguished Clinical Professors

Dr. Mary Anne Guggenheim
, (promoted in 2004), was the first clinical faculty member to receive the promotion of distinguished clinical professor in the Department of Pediatrics. She was given this honor for her outstanding contributions to the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics and her continued leadership in the field of neurology and public health. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her scientific and academic pursuits, identifying the associations between pediatric diseases and metabolic problems.

Dr. James E. Strain, (promoted in 2015), played an important role in the activities of the Department of Pediatrics since the late 1940s when he was a resident at Denver Children’s Hospital. After Dr. Strain entered private practice in 1950, he was an attending physician every year on the pediatric wards of Children’s Hospital. He participated in the teaching and mentoring of hundreds students and residents. He served as an advisor to the Chairmen of Pediatrics and was actively involved in departmental activities for years. He was one of the strongest supporters of the University of Colorado (where he obtained his medical degree in 1947) and traveled throughout the state fostering community/University relationships.