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Renee Porter, MS, ND, PNP

Senior Instructor of Pediatrics

Renee Porter, MS, ND

Weight Management Nurse Coordinator, Children's Hospital Colorado

   Phone: 720-777-3352

Section of Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics
Children's Hospital Colorado

Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 

Master's Degree

  • Master of Science, Pediatric Nursing, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 2004


  • Nursing Doctorate, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 2005

Renee Porter primarily works as the Weight Management Nurse coordinator for Children’s Hospital Colorado, providing a clinical link to the section of nutrition since 2007.

Renee has participated in the NACHRI “Focus on a Fitter Future” obesity focus group since 2008 and has provided expertise in the area of pediatric obesity safety in Children’s Colorado.

Renee Porter received the Nursing Excellence Award from the Children's Hospital Colorado in 2013.

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