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Susan L. Johnson, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics


Doctoral Degree

  • Nutritional Science, University of Illinois, 1993


  • Center for Human Nutrition, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1994-1996

Dr. Johnson has published extensively on nutrition issues including maternal feeding behaviors, obesity, child feeding, studies regarding ethnic differences (NonHispanic White and Hispanic) in infant and child obesity and self regulation, as well as a recent comparison of nutritional intake differences in ASD and typically developing children. Grant support includes feeding practices of child care professionals and effects of energy state on to visual and taste stimuli, and an Autism Speaks grant to investigate nutrient and food intake pattern in young children ASD compared to children with other neurocognitive impairments and typically developing children. Dr. Johnson serves as the Nutrition Discipline Director for the JFK LEND Grant.

Dr. Johnson is the principal investigator for multiple interdisciplinary projects including the National Children’s Study.

  • Associate Editor, The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 2008-present
  • UCHSC Graduate School Dean’s Mentoring Award, 2007
  • Who’s Who in Medical Sciences Education, 2004
  • Ruth Bowling Award for Excellence in Nutrition Education, 2001
  • University of Idaho Margaret Richie Distinguished Speaker Award, 2001
  • NIH Post-doctoral Fellow, 1993-1995
  • NIH Pre-doctoral Fellow, 1988-1991
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