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Children's Hospital Colorado -​​

Children’s Hospital Colorado Doctors take Groundbreaking Trip to Cuba



A national delegation of pediatricians co-led by doctors at Children's Hospital Colorado traveled to Cuba at the beginning of February as part of a collaborative effort to improve child health in each country.

The trip is the first of its kind since the United States normalized diplomatic relations with the communist country in July with the opening of an embassy there.

The coalition of 13 doctors, 10 of them from Children's, is being led by two former presidents of the American Academy of Pediatrics — Dr. Stephen Berman from Children's and the University of Colorado and Dr. James Perrin from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University.

They meet with doctors in Havana to discuss progress each has made in the areas of newborn care, chronic health conditions among children and early childhood development.

The American doctors will share advances in early brain development as well as new approaches to promoting responsive parenting, while their Cuban counterparts will discuss successes in reducing the incidence of premature birth.

“As Cubans gain access to new medications and technology, training will become very important,” said Dr. Stephen Berman. “We would like to eventually establish an exchange program so Cuban doctors can come and train here at Children's Colorado and vice versa.” Click here to read the whole Denver Post article: