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2016 Golden Stethoscope Winners



The University of Colorado Foundations of Doctoring and the Office of Community Based Medical Education announced the winners of the 2016 Golden Stethoscope Awards. The Golden Stethoscope awards provide medical students an opportunity to thank preceptors for their time and dedication.

All students are allowed to nominate a preceptor, and each nominee receives recognition and a printed copy of the letter at the annual awards banquet held each spring. The winners are selected through a panel review process.

Golden Stethoscope Awardees 2016

  • Best Emergency Medicine Preceptor
    Dr. Robert Lam

  • Best Family Medicine Preceptor
    Dr. Katherine P. Anderson

  • Best Internal Medicine Preceptor
    Dr. Sarah Christensen

  • Best OB Preceptor
    Dr. Kara Alexandrovic

  • Best Patient/Physician Communication Skills
    Dr. Timothy Bernard*

  • Best Pediatric Preceptor
    Dr. Peter Knott*

  • Best Use of Physical Exam Skills
    Dr. Dern Buckner

  • Best Role Model
    Dr. Jeffrey Carter

  • Best Specialty Preceptor
    Dr. Marilyn Levi

  • Kris Wenzel Award
    Terri Blevins and Nicole Bost

  • Foundations of Doctoring Faculty Choice Award
    Dr. Jennifer Fisher

*Indicates a Department of Pediatrics Faculty Member