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2020-2021 Pediatric Electives and Acting Internships


Cardiac Doc with patient 0122.jpgWelcome to UC Denver Pediatrics!


The University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics is proud to offer more than 30 Acting Internship and Pediatric Elective courses for fourth year medical students who are interested in Pediatric clinical experiences. Our courses are generally four weeks in length and are structured to gauge a student's clinical abilities based on six core clinical competencies. These courses are appropriate for students who are interested in Pediatrics and supplemental to students who are pursuing adult specialties.

Our courses provide students with exposure to all aspects of pediatrics including general academic pediatrics, sub-specialized care, inpatient medicine, emergency and intensive care, along with research courses that support scholarly activities. Each course has its own course director who oversees the development and implementation of the curriculum for their course. Most of our courses are open to visiting students who are currently enrolled in an accredited medical student program. We hope the information provided in the ensuing paragraphs is informative and helpful for students who are planning their 4th year of medical school.


Below is a List of Our Pediatric Fourth Year Courses

Course ID Course Description Location Course Director
8000D General Pediatrics Acting Internship Denver Health Jennifer Soep, MD
8000C General Pediatrics Acting Internship Children's Jennifer Soep, MD
​8000CSB ​General Pediatrics Acting Internship ​Colorado Springs ​Lori Hull, MD/Samantha Minneman, MD
8004 Pediatric Cardiology Children’s Sonali Patel, MD, PhD
8006 Immunology & Allergy National Jewish Nathan Rabinovitch, MD
8005 Immunology & Allergy Children's Daniel Searing, MD
8007 Child Abuse & Neglect Children’s C. Rashaan Ford, MD
8008 Birth Defects/Genetics Children’s Margarita Saenz, MD
8009 Pediatric Infectious Disease Children’s Kevin Messacar, MD
8011 Pediatric Pulmonary Disease Children’s Oren Kupfer, MD
8012 Pediatric Neurology Children’s Padmini Palat, MD
8013 Pediatric Endocrinology Children’s Christine Chan, MD
8015U Neonatology Acting Internship University Danielle Smith, MD
8015D Neonatology Acting Internship Denver Health Patricia Hagan, MD
8015C Neonatology Acting Internship Children’s Teresa Grover, MD
​8015CSB ​Neonatology Acting Internhsip ​Colorado Springs ​Robert Riley, MD
8018 General Academic Children’s Christina Suh, MD
8020 Adolescent Medicine Children’s Paritosh Kaul, MD
​8021 ​Pediatric Disability Medicine ​Children's ​Ellen Elias, MD
8022 Pediatric Gastroenterology Children’s Edward Hoffenberg, MD
8024 Child Development & Behavior Children’s Abigail Angulo, MD
8025 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Children’s Kelley Roswell, MD
8026 Pediatric Nephrology Children’s Hanna Melisha, MD, MS
8027C Pediatric Intensive Care Acting Internship Children’s Angela Czaja, MD
​8027CSB ​Pediatric Intensive Care Acting Internship ​Colorado Springs ​Michael Wittkamp, MD
8030 Vaccinations in Pediatrics Children’s Sean O’Leary, MD
8031 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Children’s Tim Garrington, MD
8032 Pediatric Radiology Children’s Kari Hayes, MD
8100 Pediatric Course Work Away Children’s Jennifer Soep, MD
8600 Research in Pediatrics Children’s Jennifer Soep, MD


For Visiting Students


Are you Interested in One of Our Courses? 

Our fourth year student program welcomes students from over 130 LCME accredited medical schools from across the U.S. and like most medical schools, we use the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS), which is an online application service developed by the AAMC for senior "away" electives. Please check with your institution to see if they use this service. In order to register for a rotation with our program, you will need to submit a request through VSAS. It is important to know that VSAS will not open for registration until March of each academic year.  Any applicant who applies to VSAS also needs to complete our supplemental application form below.

Disclaimer: Being accepted for an externship rotation with our institution does not constitute or imply an endorsement by our residency program and sponsoring faculty.  Application approval and participation in a rotation does not guarantee an invitation for an  interview for a residency position. In addition, availability for a preferred sub-specialty rotation is left to the discretion of each division considering  the division’s resources and the needs of learners who are already part of the University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics. 


Are you an Osteopathic or International Medical Student?

Osteopathic or international medical students who are interested in registering for one of our pediatric courses should review the University of Colorado Visiting Student webpage for a more detailed information about the application requirements. For additional information, please contact the University of Colorado School of Medicine Visiting Student Coordinator:

For any additional questions about our pediatric courses, please contact the Pediatric 4th Year Medical Student Coordinator:


Are you Curious About our Pediatric Residency Programs?

We are proud to have one of the top pediatric residency programs in the U.S.. Detailed information about our residency program can be found on the University of Colorado Pediatric Residency Program webpage. We also offer pediatric focused residency positions in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Medicine-Pediatrics and Child Neurology.


For University of Colorado Students


Are you Interested in Pediatrics?

The University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics is committed to advising any medical student who is considering a career in Pediatrics or Med/Peds. Dr. Jennifer Soep, Director of the Infant Child and Adolescent Care Clerkship and Pediatric Phase IV Sub-internship and Elective medical student programs. Jenny is happy to meet with any University of Colorado medical student who is contemplating a career in pediatrics.

Dr. Soep advises students about career exploration, fourth-year scheduling, applying to residency and specific information about residency programs across the country. Students who are fully committed to a career in pediatrics are encouraged to meet with the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Stephen Daniels.


For more detailed information about each of the courses we offer, please view the CU School of Medicine Course Book. You can also visit the Office of the Registrar's website to learn how to register. Any specific questions about registering for a course should be directed to the University of Colorado School of Medicine Student Life Registrar:


Planning Your Fourth Year?

In August of each year, the Department of Pediatrics hosts an evening meeting for all senior students interested in pediatrics. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about selecting a residency program, preparing a CV, writing a personal statement and interviewing for a pediatric residency position. At this meeting, we provide students with a copy of our University of Colorado Pediatric Residency Preparation Manual.

Additional websites that may be helpful for students considering a career in pediatrics:

  • AAP Becoming a Pediatrician 
  • Prospective pediatric residents are encouraged to contact our current residents directly regarding the pediatric residency program at the medical school they have attended. A photograph of the current housestaff with a list of their names and the medical schools they have attended can be found on the “Who We Are” link.
  • Students are also encouraged to contact our pediatric fellows by clicking the hyperlink below for a list of our fellowship programs. On each fellowship webpage you will find a "current fellows" tab. This is where you will see a list of fellows for each of our sub-specialties, along with the name of the medical school they attended and the residency program they have completed.

Best wishes and good luck!​