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Resident Bios

Our residents are a diverse group that come from a variety of backgrounds and have unique experiences and interests. Below are profiles of our current chief residents, our rising chief residents, and a few of our first-year, second-year and third-year residents.

Bios of Chief Residents

Lauren Anderson

Hometown:  Colleyville, TX

Undergraduate:  Vanderbilt University

Medical School:  Baylor College of Medicine

Why Colorado? On my interview day, my gut screamed loud and clear that this was the place for me.  And, for so many reasons.  For starters, I was looking for a large tertiary children's hospital where I'd see high volume, high acuity and have exposure to all sub-specialties.  I also wanted the opportunity to work in a community-focused, low-resource setting, which Denver Health provides.  The faculty were (and are) approachable (going by their first names) and invested in teaching.  The residents were most impressive.  They were not only high-achieving, but very friendly, fun-loving and down-to-earth.  I am so happy to be here and couldn't imagine completing my residency training anywhere else.

After Chief Year Plans:  Hospitalist Fellowship

Favorite Colorado Activity:  How do I pick just one thing?  Skiing, hiking amongst the fall aspen trees and grass volleyball in Wash Park are definitely the top of the list.

Shannon Flood

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon. GO DUCKS!

Undergraduate: University of Colorado, Boulder. A slightly less enthusiastic Go Buffs. 

Medical School: Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, OR. 

Why Colorado? The real question is why not? Colorado is the best of all worlds. Weather, outdoor activities (biking, climbing, hiking, camping, running and everything else!), good food, good coffee, dog friendly, and a culture full of people that are always ready for an adventure. Not to mention a top notch hospital with a great training program where you will see everything from bread and butter bronchiolitis to the rare zebra diagnoses you may never see again. How could you ever leave this place? 

After Chief Year Plans: Current plans to start a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship. However, I still reserve the right to change my mind! No matter what I want to stay involved in education throughout my career. 

Favorite Colorado Activity: How to choose.... My new favorite activity is probably mountain biking, although not the crazy stuff that requires all the pads and gear, the tame beginner trails where I'm less likely to fall. But really, Colorado has such an abundance of fun activities, both indoor and outdoor. It's impossible not to find your niche here.

Andy Krack

Hometown: Evansville, IN

Undergraduate: Indiana University Bloomington

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Why Colorado? While I was born and raised in Indiana, my soul has always been drawn to the outdoors of Colorado. But more importantly, after rotating through as a Sub-I, I knew the culture of the program, the incredible people, and the balance of training between Children's and Denver Health would allow me to develop into a world-class Pediatrician.

After Chief Year Plans: Undecided at this time, but narrowed down to a short list of fellowship options

Favorite Colorado Activity: Single track in the mountains in the summer!


Bios of Rising Chief Residents

Katie McClure

Hometown: Covington, GA

Undergraduate: The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)

Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine

Why Colorado? Why not?!? I completed a Sub-Internship here as a 4th year medical student and was so impressed with the quality of the Colorado residents - they were so smart, so dedicated to their patients but also super fun! I wanted to be challenged by my co-residents to be a better doctor, and I knew that would happen at Colorado. I was also drawn to the fact that we are able to train in places as diverse and challenging as Children's Hospital and Denver Health. And lastly (in case you don't already know), Colorado is just the best. I wanted to be outside as much as possible when I wasn't at work. (Also - let's be honest, it was time to leave Georgia's humidity.)

After Chief Year Plans: Truth be told, I'm still figuring this one out... But, since you ask: the current plan is to continue to do some inpatient hospitalist work, as well as outpatient primary care. Long term, I'd love to continue to be a part of residency education, as well as utilize my public health degree in some capacity.

Favorite Colorado Activity: It's cliché to say camping and hiking, but you just can't beat the Colorado mountains. The summers here are absolutely glorious, and I love waking up to crisp mountain air. I also love park days with friends, and there is certainly no shortage of breweries to discover. In the winter, you can find me on the slopes!

Liz Beil

Hometown: Florence, Montana

Undergraduate: Montana State University - Bozeman, MT

Medical School: Drexel University School of Medicine - Philadelphia, PA

Why Colorado? Well, I grew up in Montana- full of hiking, mountains, and outdoors. Then I moved to Philadelphia for medical school, which is basically the opposite- full of people, tall buildings, and the excitement of city life. Colorado is the perfect mix- city + wilderness! It's a beautiful place to live, work, and explore!

After Chief Year Plans: Pediatric hospitalist

Favorite Colorado Activity: Hiking 13ers (less populated trails than 14ers with really the same views!) and volleyball league in Wash Park

Kristin Kalita

Hometown: Chesterton, Indiana

Undergraduate: Loyola University-Chicago

Medical School: Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine

Why Colorado: I really cannot say enough about “why”, so I hope you come and find out for yourself! Here is a start though. Colorado is an amazing place, and I felt at home here from the moment I arrived. The mountains are majestic and offer a solace unmatched by much else, and the clouds and sunsets are stunning. Even while at Children’s, you have the chance to witness some of these things because we have arguably one of the best views in the city from the 9W windows! Our program offers us such a strong training from basic pediatrics to the rarest of cases, and we also get to experience a variety of cultures because our families come from as many as 8 different states. I am inspired each day by the intelligence, curiosity, passion, and community of my co-residents, fellows, attendings, and ancillary staff alike, and truly, I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else.

After Chief Year Plans: I am planning to do hospital medicine and pediatric palliative care but also hope to weave international medicine into my career.

Favorite Colorado Activity: Learning about the history of Colfax (kind of nerdy, I know, but it’s really interesting) and eating a peanut butter sandwich (hold the jelly, please) while sitting on a rock by a mountain stream!

PL1 Bios

Julian Benavidez

Hometown: Isleta Pueblo, NM

Undergraduate: University of New Mexico, BA Political Science

In Between: Because my bachelor’s degree was in political science, I was able to live and intern in Washington DC for U.S Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) during college without interruption of graduating college on time.

Med School: University of New Mexico

Why Colorado? After doing an away rotation in medical school, I realized that I wanted to train at a large tertiary/quaternary and free-standing children’s hospital associated with an academic medical center. I interviewed at several places meeting these criteria. However, Colorado stood out to me. First, the residency program has training at both a nationally recognized free-standing children’s hospital (Children’s Hospital Colorado) and a local security-net hospital (Denver Health). Second, Colorado was close to New Mexico, and Denver has the Northeast urban city vibe that I was searching for again after living in DC. Third, Colorado is conducive to many of the hobbies I have such as running, hiking, and hunting. Fourth, the fellowships that interest me are all available at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Finally, on my interview day and second look day, all the residents, faculty, and staff were very welcoming and conveyed that they were genuinely interested in teaching.

Post-residency plans: I want to do a fellowship (preferably here in Denver) in most likely PICU or Hospital Medicine. Then, I eventually want to head back home to New Mexico.

Favorite Colorado Activity: running, hiking, going to Rocky Mountain National Park

Kathleen Matthews

Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA

Undergraduate: University of Virginia

In Between: Taught English abroad and then Spanish back home

Med School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Why Colorado? I was looking for a program where I could serve a diverse patient population and see both common and complex cases, and I loved the idea of working at both Children's and Denver Health. After visiting as a student, I felt that the people here were amazingly supportive (and so happy!) and the teaching was unmatched. I felt confident I would leave this program well rounded and prepared for practice or fellowship. We were also looking to move to a new place and the mountains and sunshine out here can't be beat!

Post-residency plans: Undecided. I am interested in working with immigrant and refugee families, and I think I could do that in either a primary care or subspecialty context.

Favorite Colorado Activity: So far, hiking with my husband and our pup, exploring Denver's neighborhoods and parks, snowboarding, and eating yummy food from all over the world!

Kenji Tanabe

Hometown: Manitou Springs, Colorado

Undergraduate: Stanford University

In Between: (if applicable) Research assistant in electrophysiology lab, worked for a QI department in a children's hospital.

Med School: University of Colorado

Why Colorado? During medical school, I got a great sense for the people, both residents and attendings, at the University of Colorado Pediatrics Program. I knew that I'd really enjoy working with both groups and appreciated that Colorado had both a large academic medical center and a community safety net hospital to train at.

Post-residency plans: Still deciding, possibly critical care or emergency medicine.

Favorite Colorado Activity: Playing pickup soccer downtown!


PL2 Bios

Sean Bhagat

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

Undergrad: The Ohio State University

In Between: High school chemistry teacher and urban debate coach on the west side of Chicago through Teach For America

Med School: Tulane University School of Medicine

Why Colorado? First and foremost, I was looking for outstanding training. I wanted to train at a program that would prepare me to take care of extremely sick kids at a large academic center so that I would graduate residency confident in my clinical abilities. Beyond academics, Colorado just felt right; there seemed to be such a sense of collective success and failure and felt everyone from the top down had the mindset of 'we're all in this together'. It truly felt like a community that I wanted to be a part of. Also, the mountains were calling. 

Post-residency plans: Still working on it, maybe critical care?

Favorite Colorado Activity: Climbing 14ers, riding my bike, and drinking beer.

Alexandra Cheetham

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Undergraduate: Tufts University, Boston MA

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston MA

Why Colorado? I was excited to move somewhere new, and specifically wanted to move West after living in the Northeast for 10 years. I was impressed with the strength of the program at Children’s, and loved the people I met during my interview day - I felt like I would fit in well! It is also very important to me to have the opportunity to practice at both Children’s and at Denver Health. This means I’ll get to see a wider variety of patients and diversity of populations, and also have exposure to critical care medicine early in residency.

Post-residency plans: Specialty fellowship. Most likely PICU, NICU, or ED

Favorite Colorado Activity: Enjoying the beautiful weather, exploring new Denver parks, walks, and hikes. I can’t wait to ski this winter and travel to some of the alpine lakes!

Michelle Shiffman

Hometown: Denver

Undergraduate:University of Michigan (Go Blue!) Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University
Why Colorado? I grew up here and I always knew that I would move back. My family still lives nearby and I missed having mountain views and sunshine daily. I also did a SUBI here and learned that the people here were "my people".  The amount of informal teaching I received from residents and faculty during that month was incredible. The population that we work with was also a huge draw and I wanted a program that was fully immersed in its community and had great advocacy and outreach programs.

Post-residency plans:  Right after residency I hope to move to move abroad for at least a year with my husband to focus on global health, particularly focusing on preventive medicine and nutrition.  I then intend to move back to Denver and work in outpatient pediatrics with underserved populations.

Favorite Colorado Activity: Skiing! I have done my fair share of Midwest and West Coast skiing and nothing compares. Also brunching, ideally at Snooze or Jelly, but my hunger often wins and I won’t wait in line for pancakes.


PL3 Bios

Aubrey Armento

Hometown: Atlanta

Undergraduate: UNC Chapel Hill (Gooooo Heels!!)

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga.

Plans after Residency: Not sure yet! If I had to pick something now, I would do hospitalist medicine.

What made you choose the University of Colorado? I did a visiting rotation as a fourth year med student and fell in love with the program, the hospital, and Denver. I knew I would get exceptional pediatric training while doing awesome Colorado things during my time off!

Favorite Colorado activity: Anything outdoors (per usual in CO), particularly running, hiking, and hoping to get back into skiing this winter. Also exploring all the food, drinks, music, etc that Denver has to offer.

Upcoming vacation plans: Visiting friends in Seattle and headed back to the east coast for friends’ weddings!

If you weren’t a physician you would be: Probably a physical therapist or personal trainer. A travel/food blogger wouldn’t be so bad either!

Eric Benz

Hometown: Wilmette, Ill.

Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Medical School: Rush Medical College

Plans after Residency: Somewhere in academic medicine (I really love the teaching environment of training medical students and residents), most likely as a pediatric nephrologist.

What made you choose the University of Colorado?  The program was both rigorous and challenging but also had an awesome supportive, family vibe.  I felt like everyone in the program was here for all the same reasons I was: to become a great pediatrician and have fun while getting there.  Also, I wanted to be at a large children's hospital that was the only major provider of pediatric care in its area in order to have a very diverse patient population.

Favorite Colorado activity:  Hiking in the mountains followed by visiting one of the many awesome breweries around Denver.

Upcoming vacation plans:  Planning on exploring all that Colorado and the Rocky Mountains have to offer over the summer, then going to Philadelphia for a wedding, and Chicago to visit family and friends.

If you weren’t a physician you would be:  A high school biology teacher and basketball coach.

Kathleen Hannan

Hometown: Milwaukee

Undergraduate: UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!)

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Plans after Residency: Complex care, NICU/NICU follow-up

What made you choose the University of Colorado? Training at a top children's hospital along with gaining experience at Denver Health in a city with amazing hikes close by and great food-- you can't beat it!

Favorite Colorado activity: learning to trail run, exploring craft breweries, and glamping (camping for us non-rustic folk)

Upcoming vacation plans: spending a couple of days at my parent's cabin in northern Wisconsin

If you weren’t a physician you would be: an elementary school teacher or bakery owner

Vidya Raghavan

Hometown: Mumbai, India and Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Undergraduate: Mount Holyoke College

Medical School: Wayne State University 

Plans after Residency: Undecided, but stay tuned!

What made you choose the University of Colorado?  The program stood out as one that offered the full scope of subspecialties while emphasizing primary care. I was also impressed by the unique learning experience at Denver Health. Ultimately, what won me over was the combination of rigor, support, and work-life balance.

Favorite Colorado activity: Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, skiing everywhere my EPIC pass gets me in, biking the trails near Denver and exploring the city.

Upcoming vacation plans: I am traveling to Mumbai to attend the wedding of my childhood best friend. 

If you weren’t a physician you would be: A travel blogger. Who wouldn't want want to get paid to travel across the globe, take photos, and share your experiences with the world?

Satoshi Kamidani

Hometown: Shimane, Japan

Undergraduate: Tokyo Gakugei University

Medical School: University of Toyama School of Medicine

Plans after Residency: Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship 

What made you choose the University of Colorado?  I was so impressed that resident-driven morning report was very academic as well as practical during the interview day. Attendings here are truly committed to teaching and this program is very family-friendly. All the residents and people that I met during my interview were wonderful and very happy.

Favorite Colorado activity: Picnics, jogging with my son

Upcoming vacation plans: Hiking trails in the state parks with my family

If you weren’t a physician you would be: A professional guitarist!