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Pediatric Fellowship Research Support

Please complete the intake form below if you would like assistance with your project


On behalf of the Children's Hospital Colorado Institute for Research & Innovation and the Committee on Fellowship Education, we are excited to offer guidance for clinical fellows in the Department of Pediatrics as they navigate the regulatory process to complete clinical research at Children’s Hospital Colorado.


How can the Research Institute help you?

  • The Research Institute (RI) provides administrative oversight and reviews protocols to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations. 

  • The dedicated staff in the Research Institute can provide direction for the next generation of clinician-scientists by guiding them through the Children’s Hospital Colorado research protocol processes. 

  • Assistance through the Research Institute allows for timely identification and troubleshooting of potential obstacles in the protocol process that can delay successful submission of a protocol to the IRB.


How do I get started?

If you are interested in receiving guidance for your research project, please complete the intake form below. 

 *It is important to know, the Research Institute does not help you to determine your research focus or help you to develop your research question. Prior to scheduling an appointment with one of the RI staff, you should work with your faculty mentor, who can help you to develop and refine your research question. 

Staff from the Research Institute will review your protocol and help you identify next steps through in the research process. We hope this will help fellows identify steps necessary to advance their project from early in the planning stage to completion and address any issues along the way.

Please complete the intake form provided below, prior to your appointment with the Children's Research Institute team 

LINK:  Children's Research Institute Intake Form

Best wishes!!!