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Wellness & Resilience

Faculty members experience numerous stressors throughout their careers. Increasing regulatory burdens and evolving care delivery models create more administrative responsibilities that leave less time for patients and students. Clinical adverse events frequently result in emotional turmoil and distress for everyone involved.

Developing resilience leads to a more satisfying career and lowers the risk of burnout. By embracing wellness and improving personal resiliency, faculty members can reconnect with the meaning of their work and fend off stress. Reducing or eliminating burnout also has practical implications for the entire department such as improving patient safety, student advancement, and the overall campus environment.

Department of Pediatrics Faculty helped create the SOM Resilience Council to organize and coordinate efforts to promote resilience for CU SOM faculty, residents, and fellows. This is a specific effort to provide the preventative arm of well-being, to mitigate burnout, and aim to prevent adverse professionalism events from occurring.

Click the links below to learn more about resilience initiatives and upcoming events: