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CU OB Hospitalist Group

Improving hospital staff satisfaction and quality of patient care.

The CU OB Hospitalist program has a proven success record with well-established OB Hospitalist programs at University of Colorado Hospital, and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Our OB Hospitalists bring with them the expertise and rigor inherent in an academic medicine model, and high-quality training of our academic faculty. This instills a sense of safety and security.

What are the benefits of OB Hospitalist coverage?​

Reduce on-call requirements for your hospital staff - decreasing physician burn out and improving job satisfaction.*

Take patient care to the next level – ensure a doctor is always available to see patients and answer nurse’s questions, ultimately improving the quality of medical care for your practice and reducing medical legal risk.*​

*Source: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The Laborist: A Flexible Concept

Scope of Clinical Services

24/7/365 in-house coverage.

Respond to all OB/Gyn Emergencies as primary or assist.

Cover EDOB (triage for OB patients both assigned and unassigned per the pleasure of the primary MD).

Backup to Certified Nurse Midwives.

Surgical assist on ED-generated OR cases for all unassigned and requested assigned patients.

Surgical assist as requested on Cesarean Sections and inductions (scheduled and unscheduled).

Primary surgeon for Emergent CS (until arrival of primary MD).

Obstetric care for all unassigned patients.

OB Hospitalists can provide a full range of coverage to meet your individual practice’s needs - contact us today for more information!