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Gynecologic Oncology

Department of Ob/Gyn

The University Gynecologic Oncology Practice is a medical practice dedicated to the treatment of women known to have, or suspected of having, a gynecologic malignancy. However, the practice also provides care to women with complex gynecologic problems or with precancerous conditions of the genital tract. This practice provides services for women requiring, evaluation, treatment, or surgery.


    Known or suspected gynecologic cancers, including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and direction of chemotherapy



    Chemotherapy for gynecologic cancers



    Pelvic mass



    Complicated gynecologic conditions



    Precancerous conditions of the genital tract


  • Family history of cancer


The University Gynecologic Oncology Practice is part of the University of Colorado Cancer Center - the only National Cancer Institute- designated Cancer Center in the region. Women requiring medical care for malignant conditions have access to enrollment in clinical cancer trials, considered the leading edge in oncology research. The Gynecologic Oncology Practice interacts closely with the medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to provide the best interdisciplinary care for women with these cancers.


Most patients with these problems are initially evaluated by their primary care physician or gynecologist. When a cancer is suspected, or a complex problem is identified, patients are then referred to the Gynecologic Oncology Practice for evaluation. 


A detailed history is obtained from each patient followed by a complete physical examination. Any x-rays and pathology reports are reviewed as well. The management plan is discussed with the woman and her family and coordinated with the assistance of the Practice Case Manager. 


For more information on our physicians, click on the links below:

Susan Davidson, M.D.

Kian Behbahkt, M.D. 

Saketh Guntupalli, M.D​.​

Monique Spillman, M.D.