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Christine Raffaelli
Residency Program

12631 East 17th Avenue
Room 4007, B198-6
Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: (303) 724-2052
Fax: (303) 724-2055

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Resident Research Studies


All residents present a research project on a designated resident research day at the end of  their third year of residency. 

This is attended by a large number of faculty and nearly all residents.  The graduating senior class also invites a Visiting Professor for a lecture presentation.  Clinics and elective surgeries are not scheduled for this day.  Each resident has a faculty mentor who assists and advises the resident in the conduct and presentation of this project.   Residents submit written proposals for research, with an identified mentor, by the end of the PGY-2.  There is a six-week elective rotation block in the PGY-2, which may be used as research time, or the resident may conduct his or her research during other times of the year.


2013 Resident Research Projects

Cost-effectiveness of Immediate Postpartum Etonogestrel Implant Insertion for Adolescent Mothers

Leo Han, M.D.

Attitudes of Obstetric Providers towards Post-Placental IUDs

Lauren May, M.D.

Gestational Diabetes: Does early screening affect neonatal outcomes?

Veronica Alaniz, M.D.

Evaluating the prognostic significance of preoperative thrombocytosis in epithelial ovarian cancer
Sumer Allensworth, M.D.

Prevalence of Fibroids and Other Anatomic Gynecologic Abnormalities in an Unselected Group of Mongolian Women
Amber Coon, M.D.

Characterization of Urinary Nitric Oxide Metabolites in Women

with Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Manuel Doblado, M.D.

Management of Diabetes during Induction of Labor

Jordan Mendoza, M.D. 

Cervical Block Type and Perceived Pain Control during Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedures at an Academic Safety Net Hospital

Sarah Pucillo, M.D.