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K. Joseph Hurt, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Secondary Appointment, Division of Reproductive Sciences
Director, Preterm Labor Research Laboratory

MD Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 2005
PhD (Neuroscience) Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 2010
Mail Stop 8613, RC2, Room 3003
Phone: (303) 724 5965
Fax:   (303) 724 3512

Preterm Labor Research Laboratory (Hurt Lab)​
Research interests:
Dr. Joe Hurt is a physician-scientist and clinical perinatologist, studying bench-based translational perinatal and reproductive physiology. His lab investigates the signals and mechanisms that regulate the normal and dysfunctional onset of parturition and uterine contractions, in order to identify novel therapies to prevent the complications of prematurity. The group is also interested in basic gasotransmitter signaling mechanisms, such as those underlying relaxation of vascular and uterine smooth muscle by nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide. The lab uses a variety of techniques to answer translational questions in mouse models and human tissues, including approaches from pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular and cell biology. Our laboratory participates in the following PhD graduate programs: Integrated Physiology, Biomedical Sciences (BSP), and the Medical Scientist Training Programs (MSTP). We also participate in other clinician-scientist, clinical fellow, and translational sciences training programs. Any interested graduate and medical students, residents, and fellows are encouraged and welcome to contact us and meet to discuss perinatal research opportunities. For more information about the Hurt Lab and current projects, please follow our web link above.

Selected Publications:
Hurt KJ, Sezen SF, Lagoda GF, Musicki B, Rameau GA, Snyder SH, Burnett AL. Cyclic AMP-dependent phosphorylation of neuronal nitric oxide synthase mediates penile erection. PNAS. 2012; 109(41):16624-9.

Carlson NS, Hernandez TL, Hurt KJ.  Parturition dysfunction in obesity: time to target the pathobiology. Reproductive biology and endocrinology. 2015; 13:135.

Python JL, Wakefield BW, Kondo KL, Bang TJ, Stamm ER, Hurt KJ.  Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Management of Splenic Ectopic Pregnancy.  Journal of minimally invasive gynecology. 2016; 23(6):997-1002.