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Ovarian Biology Research Lab (Skaznik-Wikiel Lab)



  (Left to right: Natalie Hohos, Gosia Skaznik-Wikiel, Emily Elliott)

In our lab we investigate the effects of obesity and high-fat diet on fertility and ovarian function.  We are specifically interested in exploring mechanisms involved in high-fat diet associated ovarian dysfunction.  In addition, we study dietary and non-dietary interventions that could be used to reverse detrimental effects of high-fat diet on fertility.  Another area of study in our lab focuses on the role of cytokines (particularly granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) in normal and abnormal ovarian function.

​Skaznik-Wikiel Lab

Malgorzata E. Skaznik-Wikiel, MD, Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator

Natalie Hohos, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Emily Elliott, BS, Professional Research Assistant

Asma Giornazi, Undergraduate Student

Research Complex 2, Room 3450

Phone: (303) 724 3514


2018 ASRM In-Training Award for Research, American Society for Reproductive Medicine 74th Annual                Meeting

2018 ASRM Nutrition Special Interest Group Research Award, American Society for Reproductive Medicine          74th Annual Meeting

2018 Women's Health Research Day Poster Award, University of Colorado | Anschutz Medical Campus

2017 Women's Health Research Day Poster Award, University of Colorado | Anschutz Medical Campus

2015 ASRM Nutrition Special Interest Group Research Award, American Society for Reproductive Medicine           72nd Annual Meeting

2015 Travel Grant, American Society for Reproductive Medicine 71st Annual Meeting

2014 Oncofertility Conference Abstract Award Travel Grant, Oncofertility Conference

2012 Scientific Program Prize Paper Award, American Society for Reproductive Medicine 68th Annual                  Meeting

2009 Society for Reproductive Investigation Wyeth President's Presenter Award, Society for Gynecologic             Investigation 56th Annual Scientific Meeting

2005 Society for Reproductive Investigation Wyeth President's Presenter Award, Society for Gynecologic             Investigation 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting

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​​Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center Pilot Grant (Skaznik-Wikiel) 8/1/2018 - 7/31/2020

Project title: "Molecular role of endothelin-2 in high-fat diet-induced ovulatory dysfunction"

NIH K12 BIRCWH Grant (Skaznik-Wikiel) 7/2019 - 6/2021

Project Title: "The Role of P13K/AKT/NF-kB Signaling Pathway in High-Fat Diet-Induced Ovarian Dysfunction and Ovarian Aging"