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McManaman Lab

​The Fate of Fat: Research in the McManaman laboratory investigates how cells store, metabolize, and traffic lipids at the molecular, structural, cellular and organ systems levels.  We use biochemical, molecular modeling, and live-cell imaging approaches to define the basic mechanisms by which cells store and traffic lipids.  We use mouse genetic models and systems biology approaches, including proteomics and metabolomics, to understand the molecular physiology of lipid storage, metabolism and secretion, and how dysregulation of these processes contribute to defects in neonatal metabolic health and metabolic disorders such as obesity.​
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James McManaman, PhD, Professor and Director, Principal Investigator

Jenifer Monks, PhD, Instructor, Co-investigator

David Orlicky, PhD, Associate Professor, Co-investigator

Professional Research Assistants

Elise Bales, BS, Professional Research Assistant, Lab manager 


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NIH PO1-CHD38129, Functional Development of the Mammary Gland

NIH R01HD075285 , Postnatal Actions of Maternal Obesity on Neonatal Metabolic Health