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Residency Program

Stipends and Benefits

Fresh Powder

2014-2015 Academic Year

Highlights of the stipend levels and benefits for trainee physicians are provided below.  For more detailed information please see the Graduate Medical Education web site at the University of Colorado Denver:


Annual stipends:

Post Graduate Year Monthly Conversion 2015-16 Annual Stipends
​1 ​$4,407.25 ​$52,887.00
​2 ​$4,568.92 ​$54,827.00
​3 ​$4,746.50 ​$56,958.00
​4 ​$4,947.67 ​$59,372.00
​5 ​$5,091.42 ​$61,097.00


Employer provided benefits at small deductible to resident:
Health:  $10 for Resident only - Up to $43 for Resident + Family.
Dental: Please click here for more information.
Life and Disability: Please click here for more information.


Vacation and Educational Leave:
Each resident receives three weeks of vacation and an additional one week of educational leave each year.