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Tyler Lab

Welcome to the Department of Neurology.

Image: Reinisch Et Al. 2000

Research Interests

Our laboratory uses reoviruses as an experimental model system to understand how viral pathogens interact with the host to produce disease and cellular injury within the brain and spinal cord. A major focus of our laboratory has been in the area of virus-induced apoptosis. We have shown that reoviruses can induce apoptosis both in vitro and in vivo, and that reovirus strains can differ in this capacity. Recent studies include the identification of cellular genes that are up-regulated in the central nervous system following reovirus infection and the role of these genes in virus-induced neuronal apoptosis and neurologic disease, characterization of the glial response to reovirus-induced neuronal injury and development of an ex vivo model of virus-induced neurologic disease involving brain slice cultures.

For more information see “Research Interests


Kenneth Tyler, MD; Professor, Primary Investigator
Penny Clarke, PhD; Research Professor
Alison Hixon, PhD; Medical Scientist Training Program
Joshua Frost, BS; Microbiology Graduate Program
Scott Seitz, BS; Microbiology Graduate Program
Sarah Stonedahl, BS; Microbiology Graduate Program
J. Smith Leser, BS; Professional Research Assistant/Laboratory Manager