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Welcome to the Department of Neurology

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Welcome to the Tyler Lab.

J. David Beckham, MD

J. David Beckham, MD
Associate Professor

Infectious Diseases Division
University of Colorado Denver
School of Medicine
12700 East 19th Ave, B168
Aurora, CO 80045

Office:  303-724-4927
Lab:  303-724-5575

Research Description

Flavivirus infections: Our laboratory is focused on understanding the pathogenesis of viral infections in the central nervous system (CNS). We study flavivirus infections in the CNS using models of West Nile virus infection in mouse primary neuronal cultures, organotypic slice cultures, and in the intact mouse brain in vivo. Current projects in the laboratory include understanding the role of the Transforming Growth Factor beta superfamily of signaling molecules in acute viral encephalitis. We also study the interaction of specific viral proteins with neuronal signaling complexes both in the neuronal cell body and in synaptic terminals. By understanding the pathogenesis of viral infections in the CNS, we can propose novel therapeutic targets for an infection that has no known efficacious therapy. 

We are also devoted to participation in translational research and clinical trials aimed at finding new therapies for CNS infections. In affiliation with University of Colorado Hospital, we are studying novel treatments for West Nile virus and Progressive Multifocal leukoencephalopathy. In collaboration with the Department of Neurology, we are working to develop a comprehensive educational and research program focused on neuro-infectious diseases.