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Each year in the Spring, the Movement Disorders Center sends out a call for applications. However, applications will be considered all year long. If you are interested in applying for membership, please send your CV or NIH Biosketch to Nicole Leith at

Basic science plays an important role in all that the Center does and we are excited to foster collaborations to help get novel treatments from bench to bedside as quickly as possible.

Currently, the Movement Disorders Center is looking for neuroscientists who are interested in or whose research may overlap with neurological disorders including Parkinson's disease, parkinsonian conditions, Huntington's disease, chorea, myoclonus, tics, dystonia, tremor, ataxia or cerebellar disorders. We are also interested in collaborating with neuroscientists involved or interested in research on movement, neurodegenerative diseases, neuroprotection, dopamine and basal ganglia function, brain stimulation, and other research fields that may be pertinent to movement disorders.