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Administration [Academic Offices Only]

Welcome to the Department of Neurology

Contact the administrative department of the Department of Neurology with academic concerns at:

Mailing address: Mail Stop B182, Research Complex 2, 12700 East 19th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045

Courier address: Research Complex 2, Room 5018, 12700 East 19th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045

Telephone: 303-724-4328

Training Verifications: please email

For all patient matters, please click here.


Neurology Faculty Administration
Chair Kenneth L. Tyler, MD
Executive Vice Chair John R. Corboy, MD
Vice Chair, Basic Research ​Huntington Potter, PhD
Vice Chair, Clinical Research Timothy L. Vollmer, MD

​Vice Chair, Education

Al Anderson, MD

Director, Residency Training Program

Douglas E. Ney, MD

​Associate Directors, Residency Training Program ​Amanda Piquet, MD
Mathew West, MD

​Director, Medical Student Training

​Pearce J. Korb, MD, MHPE

​Associate Director, Medical Student Training ​Vera Fridman, MD
Director, Inpatient Services William J. Jones, MD
Director, Outpatient Services Enrique Alvarez, MD, PhD
Associate Director, Outpatient Service Drew Kern, MD, MS
Director, Quality Improvement ​Jennifer R. Simpson, MD
Neurology Service Chiefs at Hospital Affiliates
Children's Hospital Colorado Amy R. Brooks-Kayal, MD
Denver Health Medical Center Patrick J. Bosque, MD
Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center Mathew S. West, MD
​UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital ​Brandon S. Pope, MD
UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital Kenneth L. Tyler, MD


Neurology Administrative Staff


Administration & Finance Director Alexander (AJ) Stein, MS, MBA (303) 724-6346
​Business Services Program Director ​Joseph Daniels, MPH ​(303) 724-2997
​Business Services Program Director ​Alina Rich, MPH ​​(303) 724-7928
​Chair's Executive Assistant ​Diane Strong, MBA ​(303) 724-4327
​Clinical Financial Analyst ​Mary O'Connell ​(303) 724-6253
​Clinical Revenue Finance Program Manager ​​W. Eric Parker, CPC ​(303) 724-4331
​Finance Manager ​Kristie Fields ​(303) 724-8225
​Human Resources Manager ​Joshua Schwab, MS ​(303) 724-3871
​IT Database Professional ​Emil DiGuilio, MS ​(303) 724-8656
​IT Professional ​Yuozas "Joe" Kripas, BS ​(303) 724-8656
​IT Senior Manager ​David Vu, BS ​(303) 724-8287
​Quality & Process Improvement Manager ​​Laura Palmer, BS ​​(303) 724-8287
​Research Business Manager ​Caleb Arnold, BA ​(303) 724-2211


Neurology Subspecialty Administrative Staff

Behavioral Neurology
[Drs. Anderson, Filley, Holden, McConnell, & Pressman]

Deanna Ragsdale ​Phone: (303) 724-2046
Fax:  (303) 724-4082
​Headache/Pain Medicine
[Drs. Birlea & Burke]
​Deanna Ragsdale

​Phone: (303) 724-2046
Fax:  (303) 724-4082

[Drs. Baca, Brown, DeStefano, Drees, Frey, Korb, McDermott, O'Brien, Shrestha, Spitz & Strom]
​Travis Beckstead, MS
Linda Friedman
​Phone: (720) 848-7812
Phone: (720) 848-8583

Fax: (720) 848-0194
Movement Disorders
[Drs. Berman, Fullard, Hawkins, Kern, Leehey & Seeberger]
Candace Ellman, MA
Nicole Leith, MS
Phone: (303) 724-2194
Phone: (303) 724-8984
Fax: (303) 724-2212
Movement Disorders Center
Coordinator and Marketing Specialist
Nicole Leith, MS

Phone: (303) 724-8984
Fax:  (303) 724-2212

Neuro-Hospitalist & Stroke
[Drs. Barry, Hughes, Johnson, Jones,
Leppert, Orjuela, Pastula, Poisson, Simpson, Vela-Duarte & West]

Susan Stocking


Phone: (720) 848-8534
Fax: (720) 848-0194
Neuro-Immunology (MS)
[Drs. Alvarez, Corboy, Gross, Piquet, Tsai, Schreiner & Vollmer]
Colleen Moya

Phone: (303) 724-2187
Fax: (303) 724-0985

[Drs. Dixon, Foster, Fridman, Quan & Wicklund]

Jacob Bockhorst, BA
Phone: (303) 724-2188
Fax: (303) 724-2202
[Drs. Damek & Ney]
Jerri Lusk Phone: (303) 724-2184
Fax: (303) 724-2213
[Drs. Bennett & Pelak]
​Jerri Lusk ​Phone: (303) 724-2184
Fax: (303) 724-2213
Neuro-Palliative Care
[Drs. Kluger & Vaughan]
​Candace Ellman, MA ​Phone: (303) 724-2194
Fax: (303) 724-2212

Research: VZV Research Group

[Drs. Baird, Cohrs, Mahalingam, & Nagel]

Cathy Allen


Phone: (303) 724-4311
Fax: (303) 724-4329


Neurology Residency Program
Education Division Al Anderson, MD    
Vice Chair

Residency Program

Douglas E. Ney, MD

Residency Program

Amanda L. Piquet, MD
Matthew S. West, MD

​Education Manager ​Hannah Daniels, BS ​(303) 724-6533
Residency Education ​Coordinator ​Ashley Runyan, BA ​(303) 724-4330
Training Verifications
Neurology Fellowship Program
Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Fellowship

​Al Anderson, MD

Samantha K. Holden, MD, MS


Assoc. Director

Epilepsy Fellowship

Pearce J. Korb, MD, MHPE

Samuel DeStefano, MD


Assoc. Director

Headache Medicine Fellowship Marius Birlea, MD ​Director
Movement Disorder Fellowship Lauren Seeberger, MD ​Director
Neurohospitalist Fellowship

​Richard Hughes, MD

Karen D. Orjuela, MD, MS


Assoc. Director

Neuroimmunology Fellowship

John R. Corboy, MD

Robert H. Gross, MD


Assoc. Director

Neuroimmunology & Neurological Infections Fellowship ​Daniel M. Pastula, MD, MHS ​Director
Neuromuscular Medicine / Clinical Pathology Fellowship

Dianna Quan, MD /

Matthew P. Wicklund, MD

Director /


Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

​Denise M. Damek, MD

Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship ​Victoria S. Pelak, MD ​Director
Neurovirology Research Fellowship Maria A. Nagel, MD Director
Vascular Fellowship
Stroke Research Fellowship
Sharon N. Poisson, MD Director
Fellowship Education Coordinator
(303) 724-6533
​Training Verifications
Neurology Medical Student Clerkship and Electives

Medical Student Training

Pearce J. Korb, MD, MHPE

Medical Student Training

​Vera Fridman, MD

Medical Student Education Coordinator Kirsten Kamna, MM
(303) 724-0324
Neurology Grand Rounds
Coordinator, Grand Rounds Kirsten Kamna, MM
(303) 724-0324


Neurology Clinical Research Staff


Research Services Program Director Donna Wilber, BS  ​    (303) 724-4589
​Clinical Research Operations Manager ​Haley Steinert, MS, CCRP  ​    (303) 724-4172
​Clinical Research Program Manager ​Brooke Valdez    ​    (303) 724-2704
Clinical Research Program Specialist ​Eric Winters ​    (303) 724-2198
​Clinical Research Scheduling Specialist Linda Petrick       (303) 724-8279
​Investigator Initiated Project Manager ​Becca Seal, MS ​    (303) 724-4518
​​Outcomes Project Manager ​Eric Engebretson, BS ​    (303) 724-8388
​Pre-Award Grants Professional ​Anabel Adler, BA     ​(303) 724-5986
​Regulatory Affairs Coordinator ​Monica Murray, BS ​    (303) 724-2705
Study Start-Up and Regulatory Manager ​Nicole Gendelman, MA ​    (303) 724-2200