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Administration [Academic Offices Only]

Welcome to the Department of Neurology

Contact the administrative department of the Department of Neurology with academic concerns at:

Mailing address: Mail Stop B182, Research Complex 2, 12700 East 19th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045

Courier address: Research Complex 2, Room 5018, 12700 East 19th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045

Telephone: 303-724-4328

Training Verifications: please email or fax (303) 724 4764

For all patient matters, please click here.


Neurology Faculty Administration
Chair Kenneth L. Tyler, MD
Executive Vice Chair John R. Corboy, MD
Vice Chair, Basic Research ​Huntington Potter, PhD
Vice Chair, Clinical Research Timothy L. Vollmer, MD

​Vice Chair, Education

Al Anderson, MD

Director, Residency Training Program

Associate Director, Residency Training Program

Douglas E. Ney, MD

Teri L. Schreiner, MD, MPH

​Director, Medical Student Training

Associate Director, Medical Student Training

​Pearce J. Korb, MD

Daniel M. Pastula, MD, MHS

Director, Inpatient Services William J. Jones, MD
Director, Outpatient Services Enrique Alvarez, MD, PhD
Associate Director, Outpatient Service Drew Kern, MD, MS
Director, Quality Improvement ​Jennifer R. Simpson, MD
Neurology Service Chiefs at Affiliated Hospitals
Children's Hospital Colorado Amy R. Brooks-Kayal, MD
Denver Health Medical Center Patrick J. Bosque, MD
Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center Mark C. Spitz, MD
University of Colorado Hospital Kenneth L. Tyler, MD


Neurology Administrative Staff
Director of Finance & Administration Kathy Illian, MA
      (303) 724-4332

​Business Services Program Director

Business Services Program Director

Human Resources Program Manager

Human Resources Services Specialist

Operations Manager

​Leah Lleras, BA

Alexander Stein, MS

Polly Serrano, BS

Victoria Hollingsworth, MA

Alina Rich, MHA

         (303) 724-6533

         (303) 724-6346

         (303) 724-9020

         (303) 724-3871

         (303) 724-7928

​Finance Manager

Research Business Manager

Matthew Bishop, BS

Caleb Arnold, BA

         (303) 724-4331

         (303) 724-2211

Chair's Executive Assistant Diane Strong, MBA
       (303) 724-4327

​Clinical Financial Analyst ​Mary O'Connell
​         (303) 724-6253
Quality & Process Improvement
Laura Palmer, BS
       (303) 724-8287
IT Senior Manager David Vu, BS
       (303) 724-4317
​IT Database Senior Professional
​Zachery Baud, BS
​         (303) 724-8656
Neurology Subspecialty Administrative Staff

Behavioral Neurology
[Drs. Filley, Holden, McConnell, Pressman & Woodcock]

Kristie Fields ​Phone: (303) 724-8225
Fax:  (303) 724-2212
​Headache/Pain Medicine
[Drs. Birlea, Burke & Da Silva]
​Jerri Lusk

​Phone: (303) 724-2184
Fax:  (303) 724-2213

[Drs. Baca, Brown, Drees, Frey, Korb, O'Brien, Shrestha, Spitz & Strom]
​Linda Friedman ​Phone: (720) 848-8583
Fax: (720) 848-0194
Movement Disorders
[Drs. Berman, Kern, Klepitskaya, Leehey
& Seeberger]
Candace Ellman, MA
Nicole Leith, MS
Phone: (303) 724-2194
Phone: (303) 724-8984
Fax: (303) 724-2212
Movement Disorders Center
Coordinator and Marketing Specialist
Nicole Leith, MS

Phone: (303) 724-8984
Fax:  (303) 724-2212

Neuro-Hospitalist & Stroke
[Drs. Hughes, Johnson, Jones, Orjuela, Pastula, Poisson, Simpson & Vela-Duarte]
Jacob Wilson, MHA
Tracy Binol, AS
Phone: (720) 848-8529
Phone: (720) 848-8534
Fax: (720) 848-0194
Neuro-Immunology (MS)
[Drs. Alvarez, Corboy, Gross, Piquet, Tsai, Schreiner & Vollmer]
Sheena Bohannon, BA

Phone: (303) 724-2187
Fax: (303) 724-0985

[Drs. Dixon, Fridman, Quan & Wicklund]

Sarrah Knause, BA


Phone: (303) 724-2188
Fax: (303) 724-2202
[Drs. Damek & Ney]
Jerri Lusk Phone: (303) 724-2184
Fax: (303) 724-2213

[Dr. Bennett & Pelak]

Neuro-Palliative Care
[Drs. Kluger & Vaughan]

Jerri Lusk

Candace Ellman, MA

Phone: (303) 724-2184
Fax: (303) 724-2213

Phone: (303) 724-2194
Fax: (303) 724-2212

[Dr. Nagel & VZV Research Group]

Cathy Allen

Phone: (303) 724-4311
Fax: (303) 724-4329


Neurology Residency Program
Vice Chair, Education
Al Anderson, MD    

Director, Residency Program

Associate Director, Residency Program

Douglas E. Ney, MD

Teri L. Schreiner, MD, MPH

​Education Manager ​Alina Rich, MPH ​ (303) 724-7928
Coordinator, Residency Program

Training Verifications
Hannah Daniels, BS
 (303) 724-4330

fax (303) 724 4764
Neurology Fellowship Program

Director, Epilepsy Fellowship

Director, Headache Medicine

Pearce J. Korb, MD

Marius Birlea, MD

Director, Movement Disorder Fellowship Lauren Seeberger, MD
Director, Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Al Anderson, MD
Director, Neuroimmunology Fellowship

Director, Neuroimmunology & Neurological Infections Fellowship
John R. Corboy, MD

Daniel M. Pastula, MD, MHS
Director, Neuromuscular Medicine/Clinical Pathology Fellowship

Dianna Quan, MD/
Matthew P. Wicklund, MD

Director, Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

Director, Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship

​Denise M. Damek, MD

Victoria S. Pelak, MD

Director, Neurovirology Research Fellowship Maria A. Nagel, MD
Director, Vascular Fellowship
Director, Stroke Research Fellowship
Sharon N. Poisson, MD
Coordinator, Fellowship Programs

Training Verifications
(303) 724-5899
Neurology Medical Student Clerkship and Electives

Director, Medical Student Training

Associate Director, Medical Student Training

Pearce J. Korb, MD

Daniel M. Pastula, MD, MHS

Coordinator, Medical Student Program Kirsten Kamna, MM
(303) 724-0324
Neurology Grand Rounds
Coordinator, Grand Rounds Alina Rich, MPH
(303) 724-7928


Neurology Clinical Research Staff


Research Services Business Director

Clinical Research Operations Manager
​Donna Wilber, BS

Haley Steinert, BA
(303) 724-4589

(303) 724-4172
Business Development Manager​ Alexander Stein, MS  
   (303) 724-6346
​Clinical Research Regulatory Start-Up Manager ​Nicole Gendelman, MS

​   (303) 724-2200
​Clinical Research Budget Analyst & Study
​Brooke Valdez
​   (303) 724-2704
Clinical Research Contract and Billing Specialist

Eric Winters
(303) 724-2198
​Clinical Research Scheduling Specialist ​Linda Petrick ​    (303) 724-8279