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Clinical Training Program


Trainees spend fifteen months in clinical service and a minimum of twenty-one months performing research. The clinical experience consists of inpatient and outpatient exposures and usually, but not always, precedes the initial year of research training. During the fifteen months of clinical nephrology, fellows rotate through five settings:

1.     University Hospital Transplantation, where fellows are exposed to inpatient and outpatient renal transplant recipients;

2.     University Hospital Acute Service, where fellows are exposed to ICU nephrology as well other aspects of acute nephrology and hereditary kidney disease;

3.     The VA Medical Center, where fellows are exposed to transplantation, as well as all aspects of acute and chronic renal failure;

4.     Denver Health Medical Center, where fellows are exposed to ICU nephrology, and aspects of acute nephrology, toxicology, and chronic renal failure; and

5.     Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Units, where fellows spend six weeks of their fellowship rotating through one of our three free-standing hemodialysis units and our home peritoneal dialysis unit.

Fellows spend the entirety of their fellowship attending in an ambulatory clinic, one half-day per week at one of our main teaching hospitals. Through these outpatient clinics, fellows are exposed to all aspects of outpatient nephrology, including but not limited to, renal stones, metabolic bone disease, hypertension, ESRD patients, renal transplant patients, and patients with a multitude of glomerular, interstitial, and hereditary renal diseases. Through both the inpatient and outpatient experiences, training in the techniques of renal biopsy and the histological interpretation of the renal biopsy specimens using immunofluorescence and electron microscopy are integral aspects of the clinical training portion of training.

The Renal Division of the University of Colorado provides comprehensive nephrology care at three major hospitals in the Denver area. Each hospital has a unique patient population and each nephrology service is tailored to meet these needs.