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Acute Service


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University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

The University of Colorado Hospital services consist of an acute dialysis and consultation service that provides all forms of acute nephrology care. The physicians oversee approximately 2000 extracorporeal treatments per year consisting of acute hemodialysis, CVVH, CVVHD, and plasmapharesis.

Additionally, a transplant service provides both acute care following kidney transplantation as well as donor and recipient evaluation, and long term follow up care. The number of kidney transplants has increased from 95 in 2001 to over 120 per year in 2005. The number of outpatient clinic visits has also increased to over 3000 per year.

Other outpatient services at UCH include a nephrology clinic with over 1400 visits per year which provides care to patients with hypertension, glomerular disease, kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, and fluid, electrolyte, and mineral disorders. In addition, a chronic kidney disease clinic is specifically tailored to manage patients with all stages of CKD and smooth the transition from chronic kidney disease to dialysis care and has provided care to more than 150 patients in the past three years.

Furthermore, the UCH service offers home dialysis therapies including peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis. The number of patients on home therapies has doubled in the past five years to more than thirty. The nephrologists of the University also provide chronic outpatient hemodialysis to over 200 patients in four chronic dialysis facilities located in the Denver metropolitan area.